Monday, March 21, 2011

One Would Think

One WOULD think that after all this time I would have an interesting post at the ready. Darn it, I don't. One of the reasons for my long absence is that I simply don't feel very interesting, blog-wise.

I continue my recovery from the knee surgery, with everything going well. Aside from the continuing flair ups of sciatica, I'm almost back to where I can resume my normal exercise routine. My current limitation is my inability to get down on both knees to do pushups. I have an alternate method...I use the kitchen island. It seems to work just fine for now.

I did have to make a trip to a back specialist in the hope of finding a resolution to my sciatica. I found out I have spinal stenosis and a slightly bulging disc. I am pondering the steroidal injections, but at present, I'm using a non-narcotic pain reliever.

On the weight loss front, I am delighted to report that the edema in my right leg (post surgical) has finally dissipated and I am down 15 pounds! Talk about a water loss! I still have a bit of residual swelling in my right ankle, but I doubt that will result in any significant weight loss. Darn it! I also kept to my plan of incorporating more soups and grains into our diet. Hubby Dearest has been a good sport about it, too. "Mr. Meat & Potatoes" has been a willing participant in this endeavor. To be fair to him, I adhered to the NO MuSHROOM law that is in effect in our house.

The happiest turn of events has been the opening of the golf course! I was able to play last Thursday, and the boost in my spirits was quite noticeable. It will be cooler for a few days again, but the hope of golf is clearly in sight. Delighted to report that both the knee and the back held up well. That was the best part of the whole experience.