Monday, June 29, 2009

Drats!! Thwarted Again!

My brilliant plan to sit on the AC vent while playing with "The Pistol" and his new toys was thwarted by this sweet beast! This is Max, my grandpuppy and AC hog. He's hairy and is part Husky, so any cool place is his favorite hang out. He is just the sweetest dog, but because of him I never did get close to the cool air. Instead we were all outside on the deck watching "The Pistol" and his friends play with his new lawnmower bubble machine.
Just in case anyone wondered, I did stay away from the cake and ice cream, but managed to indulge in an adult beverage or two.....just to cool down, you understand. Purely for hydration, of course. You don't need to remind me that alcohol is dehydrating, I really do know that. I did manage to stay close to my caloric set point, but I did have a few oops. I don't think any major harm was done, but since I didn't exercise at all, it felt like I cheated more than I did.
While I was lounging about, The Perfect Child was on a mission to catch up on the cardio. In the heat of the desert, she went on an hour long hike!! Now, I can't decide if that was brave or stupid. (I'll opt for brave, cuz I'm a really great mom.) She asked for credit for the hike, which, of course, I granted. After all, she has been kind enough to cut me some slack on those occasions when I forget to photograph my many cardio accomplishments. (These are sadly lacking at the moment.)
What is it about the heat and humidity that instills a huge dose of lethargy into my being? I am becoming very complacent, and my motivation to exercise is at an all time low. I can get started, but sticking with it for any length of time seems to be a real struggle. I continue to try all of the motivational "tips" I've learned and heard of, but I still seem to lack the "ooomph" to really get down to business. I continue to track my food, and eat well, but the exercise portion of the event is kinda lagging behind. Speaking of lagging pants are getting looser!! See, that SHOULD motivate me to exercise more, knowing that good comes from the effort. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case at the moment.
Also, why is it that these "epiphanies" always seem to hit me on Mondays? Can't explain it. Are my weekends really that bad that I feel the need to beat myself up a bit? No, not really. I just don't get it.
Tomorrow is our "Bras for the Cause" pink ribbon golf tournament. Yes, golf again. I can hear the collective groan from the crowd. This is our annual golf tournament held to support not only Breast Cancer research, but also Women's health screenings, in general. Several golf clubs in the area participate, then in the fall there is a huge banquet with lavishly decorated bras being auctioned off. The winner of the "Breast in Show" bra last year was a "Candle-la-Bra". It was wonderful. Each year, a local store donates a plain bra and various organizations and businesses decorate them. Some turn out to be real works of art. Also, last year, Robin Roberts was the host for the banquet, so I'm hoping for someone wonderful again this year, too. It's a fun day, and luckily it isn't going to be oppressively hot tomorrow. I'll welcome the relief.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The "Try to Kill V" Golf Marathon Has Finally Ended

Yes, it's true, my marathon of stupidity has finally come to an end. I am really none the worse for wear, but I am plenty tired of hot, humid weather. The golf was fun, and we all had a lovely time, but the weather just about did us in. Tomorrow is a sit in the AC and relax day. And I must say the prospect of only having to take one shower tomorrow instead of my usual three is kinda nice. I've been taking an extra one (cold) right after golf to get my core temp down, then one at night to cool down some more. Being old and stupid really sucks!!!

It was Weigh In Wednesday yesterday and I dropped .2#. I made it to the -15# mark, however, I made a tactical error....I weighed in before I played golf. I'm sure if I'd waited until after, I'd have been down more. :) I think I'm still retaining water from my efforts to stay hydrated throughout the golf marathon, so I'm hopeful that a day or two in the cooler indoors will help me shed some of the water. I can feel it in my feet and ankles.

I do have to admit that after the first day of heat and humidity and golf, I succumbed to temptation and ordered a pizza. We were going to grill turkey tenderloin, but the storms had winds so high I wasn't sure I could keep the grill lit. :) Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? That, and I figured I'd burned off a good deal of the pizza by sweating my way around the course for 4 hours. So, actually, the -.2# wasn't all that bad, in light of my visit to the "dark side".

Speaking of the storms, we were spared any significant damage. Just leaves and twigs scattered about. The golf course lost some large tree limbs, and other areas nearby had trees down in the streets. High winds took down some power poles, but everything seemed to get put back into working order quite quickly. We were lucky. Thank you all for expressing concern. One never knows how these storms are going to turn out, so I appreciate your thinking of us. (Well, ME, really.)

This weekend is birthday weekend, so we are looking forward to spending time with the grandkids. I plan on sitting on all the AC ducts to stay cool while I play with the little darlings.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Admit It....I Am Officially A Dumb Shit!!

Picture this....heat index 118º, real temp only 93º....60 year old fat lady on golf cart playing in a golf tournament!!! What in the name of God was I thinking?? Well, I'll tell you. I didn't want to bail on my partner. To my credit, I did drink lots of water and Powerade Zero, but I soaked through a hand towel wiping my hands and brow. (I have now purchased a ShamWow!! for this purpose.) Four long, hard, torturous hours of this. Now the really good news.....we'll be doing it all over again tomorrow!! And lucky me, it will be hotter and more humid. At 60, this is clearly madness. (Well, actually, at any age.) There is a possible reprieve in my future, however. Currently we are having high winds, and are in a Severe Thunderstorm warning area. More storms are predicted as the evening wears I'm kinda secretly hoping for a gully washer that will cancel tomorrow's round. Fingers crossed, everybody!!!

Not wanting the fun to end, I'm scheduled to play in another tournament on Thursday at another golf club. So group, "Hi, I'm V and I am officially a Dumb Shit!!" (Group responds, "Hi V". ) After today's round I did come home and ride the bike for about 30 min., so the Perfect Child can't get too much traction on her quest to catch up in the Great Cardio Challenge. But, I think my cardio days are numbered the remainder of this week.

Since I want to be taking it easy for a while after this ridiculous 3 day stretch, we'll be going to Omaha again to help "The Pistol" (grandchild #2) celebrate his 2nd birthday. And believe you me, I will need every bit of energy I can conserve to keep up with him. He is, indeed, "The Pistol".

I'd better sign off now. The storms are getting worse, winds are blowing harder, and trees are falling near our "hood". They are showing pictures on TV of large trees near us that have been uprooted. Our trees around here are all pretty small in comparison, but I'm afraid the computer might suffer a "strike" by the lightening that's all around.

I'm off to begin "chillaxing" and preparing myself for another fun filled day.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Days Late and Dollars Short

Why is it that I always seem to jump on the last bandwagon leaving town? I'm pretty sure it has something to do with procrastination and laziness, but I'm not swearing to that. I was researching my Chia seed purchase (after the fact, mind you) and found an article written in May of 2008!! This article was authored by none other than our very own Crabby McSlacker. She explains, and extols the virtues of the seeds that apparently even Dr. Oz thinks are great. Now, being a reasonably intelligent person, why had I not heard of all of this before June 2009? See, a day late and a dollar short. Could have something to do with the fact that I didn't give a hoot about good health back then. But, Alas, now I do.

Just a short aside, then I'll leave the seed issue alone. I did put some in my water for golf yesterday, along with a Crystal Light packet, and sure enough the mix did turn slightly "jello-like". However, I did find that on a hot day(heat index 100º+ and humidity 81%) I remained hydrated more easily than usual. I did not even notice that the seeds were there. Ok, so I'm done with the Chia seed issue until I see positive results in the lower blood sugar category. I know you'll all be happy about that.

I would now like to address the impression that The Primary Child left yesterday, that I never made him any lemon poppy seed bread. He has repeatedly denied having a childhood that he can remember, so I'm sure he's erased this bread from his mind. However, my beloved Perfect Child remembers the bread vividly, so I'm off the hook, so to speak. The Primary Child, to set the record straight, had a wonderful childhood, was a happy, well behaved, smart, and very laid back little kid. Why he chooses to forget those lovely years is beyond me. YES, Primary Child, I am talking to you!!!! He's kinda turned into a pain in the neck, as you can clearly see. :( Calling into question our parenting skills.....the very idea!!! I'm appalled.

Finally, our CSA delivery today will be something other than copious amounts of lettuce and spinach. We'll be getting those again, but will also get some kohlrabi, snap peas, onions and cauliflower. Early deliveries are usually just greens and onions, so I'm always delighted when the other stuff starts producing. Next week, we've been promised some carrots and radishes.
Even with the CSA delivery, I still find myself having to go to the Farmers' Market. I just love the whole experience. The abundance of wonderful, locally grown foods is such a wonderland for me. They also have local artisanal breads and cheeses, which I grudgingly pass by each week. I'm going to be forced to buy some bread and cheese one of the weeks, I can't stand it much longer.

Happy Fathers' Day, and everyone have a great weekend!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yep, I found the little gems right here in good ole Des Moines, Iowa!! We are so very up to date here, ya know. As you can see, they are exactly what you would expect a Chia seed to look like. Upon reading the label, I find that this little powerhouse is full of wonderful properties. It's high in Omegas 3 & 6, as high in antioxidants as blueberries, 6.1 gm. fiber, high in protein, and helps bind "stuff" together to reduce the absorption of sugars. I used the prescribed scoopful in my large green Greek salad with chicken breast last night. I'm not wasting them on Hubby Dearest, and he won't care. :) No noticeable taste or texture, they just kinda disappear into the dish. It's really a little like putting ground pepper on something. You can add it to anything you want, I'm thinking you won't really notice it is there.
On a similar note.....seeds.....apparently here in the DM area local grocery stores are having to sell poppy seeds from the Customer Service counter instead of in the spice aisle!! The bottles of poppy seeds have become the new "must have" for kids. It seems that the teens pilfer bottles of the spice, then take them home and brew tea with the seeds to get high. Since poppy seeds have long been said to have morphine in them, the kids think a bottle of these little babies will make a great little tea to get high on at home. The word on the street is that the tea tastes horrible!! I guess that is something. Think I'll stick with the lemon poppy seed bread I used to make.
It is getting hot and humid here. Still rainy now and then. And of course, we are getting storms, but at least the good old Midwest summer weather is here. As I go about my exercise routines, whatever they may be, I know now I'll sweat for sure now. :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well I'll Be "Durned"!!

Weigh in Wednesday brought a lovely surprise today. I was down .6 !! Imagine my total and utter amazement! I'm quite sure it was my choice of the whole wheat bun on my hamburger Sunday evening. :)

I'm thinking it could be a result of all the golf, or the additional strength training I've been getting back to recently. Who knows?? I lost, and that's just dandy. I do have to remember that I cannot afford to eat like a moron on a regular basis and still continue to have good fortune follow me. I must re-double my efforts to eat like a grown up and stay on the healthy path I've tried to set for myself.

Speaking of my strength training.....I am typing this blog post with my nose!!! Every muscle in my upper body (arms in particular) ache and scream "Leave me the hell alone!!". I might have jumped up to my old weight amounts just a bit too soon. OUCH!! Just try to hold down the shift key with your ear while you type with your ain't easy!!! Hard to imagine that just a few short weeks away from it could put me in such disarray, but it sure did.

I am on a mission today. After reading the morning paper and finding an article about chia seeds, I'm off to find some in our little burg. There are two health markets, so I'm hopeful. There was mention of the benefits in lowering blood sugar, so since that is my new concern, I'm off to remedy my problem. I put my liver back into the "pink", so to speak, so on to other issues. At the moment, my slightly elevated blood sugar level is my primary focus, SOOOO, chia seeds it will be!! Wonder if after eating them for a while, I'll have to shave more often? And will the hair be green??? These are things I'll ask at the Health Market. Inquiring minds, and all that, don't ya know?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Runnin' Around With Kids

What a fun weekend!! We went to The Primary Grandchild's dance recital on Saturday afternoon. Her dance was one of the first in the program, so we were in the front of the theater and ready to cheer. It was so cute. The little 5 yr olds were so intent on doing their dance, some of them forgot the steps. I laughed 'til I almost cried. Then came 30 additional, mind numbing dances that did NOT include my granddaughter. We had to sit through them to get to the finale, where she would perform again. If we could pick and choose the dances we wanted to see, I'd choose all of the dances that included the kids that were 7 and under, they are definitely the cutest. I realize there were parents there to see the "other" dancers, but really, what is cuter than the little ones? Absolutely NOTHING, they were all the best, but sadly there were only about 5-6 groups of the little ones.

After the recital, we headed out to the Primary Child's house where we relieved the baby sitter and played with "The Pistol", our almost 2 yr old grandson. That's a cardio workout in and of itself. Of course I can't count it in the challenge, but I definitely moved around. :) He is a mover and shaker!! Do NOT stand still and do NOT sit down or you'll lose him. And I certainly don't want to be the one who loses him!!

The lesson I learned from all of this was that if I am going to eat like a 5 yr old or a 2 yr old, I'm gonna have to get moving like a 5 yr old or 2 yr old. Pizza for dinner, with a couple of beers. (NO, I did not give the kids beer, just in case anyone was concerned.) Woke up ready to go again, and off to breakfast we went. Biscuits and gravy, hash browns, bacon and coffee. What in the world was I thinking??? It was wonderful, and I only partially regret my choice. I did think that walking back to Des Moines from Omaha might possibly have worked off half of the calories I consumed. The trip is around 145 miles one way.

Upon our return, Hubby Dearest and I did go over to the golf course and hit balls. I am not in any way, shape, or form a "practicer" but I did want to try out a new club I was wanting to buy, so I drug myself out to the car to accompany him. I figured hitting a few golf balls would at least burn a calorie or two, so I dutifully hit balls for a while. Long enough, in fact, to determine that I did want to buy this demo club!! Hubby Dearest regretted his invitation for me to tag along at this point. So in one week, I'll have a brand new, shiny club to abuse. I'm expecting a real turn around in my game now.

I won't mention what HD and I did next.....stayed at the club for "Build your own burger" night. I had a whole wheat bun, does that count???? Turn it up Tuesday is gonna be a doozey!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Will Wishin' Make It So?

When I have a little time on my hands, as I did last night, I begin to think....over think, really. I began pondering my blogosphere friends. I pondered how I envy them, but for entirely different reasons than their weight loss successes and strides in becoming healthier people. Everyone has influenced me in some way or another. Mostly you all make me smile, but I also have a bit of envy goin' on, too.

Having said this, I came up with my "Bloggers' Wish List".

I wish I could be skinny like The Perfect Child.
I wish I could run a marathon like The Primary Child.
I wish I could be Cranky like Cranky Fitness... instead of just old and cranky. :)
I wish I was popular like Patty.
I wish I was as prolific a blogger as Fab Kate.
I wish I was as successful in my journey as Deborah and Suzi have been.
I wish I was as Earnest & Determined as Mary Fran.
I wish I was as wonderfully amusing as Cammy.
I wish I was as informative as The Miz.
I wish I was as busy at working toward my goal as Tina.
I wish I was as irreverent as Jack.
I wish I was as witty as Gigi.
I wish I had the stick-to-it-tiveness that Fat Free Me has.

Now, mind you, I'm not really complaining about my journey and it's twists and turns, I'm just wishin'. Never hurts to have a wish list, in my opinion. But I do want to thank all of you for your encouragement and wonderfully funny comments and blogs. I'm having such a good time with all of you!!! You're all invited over for a healthy dinner next weekend!!! My tomatoes won't be ready yet, but I'll find some at the Farmers' Market!!! :)

In the meantime, I know you'll all want to start packing and making plans for the trip to Iowa, so I won't keep you any longer. Ya'll have a wonderful weekend. I'm going to Omaha for our granddaughter's dance recital, so I'm gonna have a great weekend!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Almost Forgot

Ok, so I can get some of the pictures, some of the time. Can't seem to get yesterday's bike ride to download....and I can't seem to get text above the pictures of my tomato planter. But I'm going with baby steps for now. In case you can't read today's bike ride numbers, it is 28.39 min. And that was after 18 holes of golf. As you can see, the first picture is of the still alive and kickin' tomatoes!!!
What I almost forgot was that yesterday was Weigh In Wednesday!!! Not that the numbers were so sterling I simply must tell the world about them, but it was a small loss, nonetheless. I lost .4#. I'm happy with any minus sign at this point. It at least shows progress on my part. I'm also pleased with myself. I'm not giving up when I am not as successful as I'd like, I keep from being hard on myself for my many little "slips", and I'm still tracking my food and staying on the program. My overall commitment stays high, and that certainly has not always been the case, so I have made progress is so many ways, that weight is just a part of the overall achievement.
The diet info the Dr. sent to me is kinda funny. It lists all of the things I committed to do back in March. No real "Must Do's" or "Oh For God Sakes Don't Do That" things on the list, so I guess I'll just keep on with what I'm doing. I do know from NutriMirror that I need to increase my fiber intake, so I'll make that change. I just read that Benefiber makes a little personal sized packet (like Crystal Lite & Lipton) of additives for bottled water. I'm getting some as soon as I find them, as I'd love to add them to my water on the golf course. I actually think using NutriMirror (thanks again, Suzi) will be a great tool for me going forward.
As for the Great Cardio Challenge, the phrase "Insurmountable Lead" is still appropriate. However, I have been so focused on the cardio, I have neglected my strength training and my stretching. I MUST get back to that with more determination. I am starting to feel my arms waving at people when I drive with the windows down. I don't think that's a good sign.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When The Dr. Says "However"

First, it's really nothing horrible, it was just a bit disconcerting. Instead of just mailing all of my blood work results to me, I received a call from the Dr.'s office. Unusual. So that, of course, made me start wondering, what does this mean? I returned the call, assuming it was going to be a warning about my higher reading on the liver panel....since the last reading was slightly higher than it should have been. Not so. The nurse started out telling me my blood pressure was wonderful, my cholesterol was terrific, potassium great, etc. blood sugar is a trifle higher than they would like. Nothing terribly worrisome, but a bit over what they'd like to see. They will send me a new diet along with my written test results. THEN, I asked about my liver panel. "Absolutely great" was the nurse's reply. Down a whopping 51 points from last time!! Not wanting to give away my concern, I asked why the big change? I was told it could have been the change in cholesterol meds I began just before the last blood test, it could have just been an anomaly. An anomaly??? What if THIS current reading is the anomaly, I asked myself? To hell with it, I'm having a drink to celebrate!!! That's that. So now, I just wait for the results and my new diet to appear in my mail box.

As for this new diet, I can't imagine it's going to be lots and lots different than what we are already trying to do, but I'll be interested to see it. I'm still thinking of the resveratrol (sp?) as a "Fountain of Youth" supplement. I keep hearing and reading about people using it and swearing they are getting results with better skin and better energy, just plain better everything. What could it hurt? Of course, this morning I'm reading the paper and an article strikes my fancy. An entire page on the "extras" we might be getting in our vitamins, mineral and other over the counter supplements. Apparently, the oversight on these things isn't as stringent as on prescription drugs, and all may not be as it seems. Ye Gods!!!! When will this all end? Is there nothing out there that is actually 100% good for us?

After proclaiming my new found proficiency at downloading pictures. I have failed at the attempt once again. I had the picture of my bike ride this morning, 37.45 min., and also a lovely shot of my tomatoes growing upside down. I was all set to brag about my tomatoes still being alive, since I am well known for my "black thumb". The plants have teeny tiny tomatoes on them, even.....and they've been alive since I planted them in early May. In the top planter, I have wonderful looking peppers and strawberries, but at this point, you'll have to take my word for it. It's back to the drawing board for me and the picture upload/download thing. I just hate being this stupid, but I'm told admitting you have a problem is half the battle.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Warrior

Yes, I fought and clawed my way through the weekend. Knowing that there were two dinners we had to be a part of, and knowing that both involved copious amounts of food....both good and bad, I had to really work at preparing myself for what could be a caloric mine field. It was also another weekend with double doses of beef, which is certainly not what we plan. With both of these dinners looming on my horizon, I carefully planned what I would and would not eat, and for the most part, I stuck to the plan. On both days, we played golf, so that helped use up an extra "spud" or two.

Friday night's fillet was absolutely wonderful, but the giant prime rib on Saturday night was a real sight to behold. It was prime rib special night at a local restaurant, so 4 couples took off to enjoy. It was worth the short trip to the place, and the food was simply great. Worth the splurge. I enjoyed it all the more because of the pre-planning I had done to be able to eat the huge chunk of beef without nearly the guilt I'd have felt previously. That, in and of itself, was kind of a nice feeling. I really didn't feel I had cheated the caloric police at all. Guess I'll see if I'm this proud of myself when Weigh In Wednesday rolls around.

As for the Great Cardio Challenge....insurmountable lead, turns out to be just that. The Perfect Child didn't get her full amount of cardio in this week, and I did double duty until my knee rebelled. Her work schedule is so crazy, I'm feeling a little benevolent toward her. I'm considering just letting her buy me my Whole Foods gift card and call off the competition. I hate beating up on the poor and unfortunate. :) And, my knee is recovering nicely. I'm not ready for two a days again, but I'm not in the awful pain I was in when biking/walking. That's a very good deal, as far as I'm concerned. I'll be continuing the cardio, but I'll be doing it with a little more good sense involved. Maybe listen to my knee when it screams "NO MORE" at me.

I'm considering a pro-active move to be kind to my liver. I've heard resveritol (sp?) is good for the liver and is also a skin enhancer/restorer. I should probably do some research before I get into this, but has anyone any info or results using this? Younger looking skin would not be an awful side effect, either. Getting rid of that one little wrinkle would be nice. Did I say ONE little wrinkle? Hmmmmm.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No More Two A Days :(

I realize this isn't a very good picture, but at least I got one extra session in yesterday afternoon.

When last I spoke to The Perfect Child she was on her way to the gym, to give it her all. As it turns out, she may not have to work as hard as I had planned! Seems that the "Two a Days" I've been putting in have had an adverse effect on my knee. (The "real" one.) It is quite swollen this morning, so I'm resting it today.....kinda. I'm playing golf later this morning. If I have to chose between cardio and golf, golf will win out every single time. Sorry, Cardio Gods.

Now to the real "meat" of this blog....if there is such a thing. Today was Weigh In Wednesday, as many of you already know. In spite of myself, I posted a 1.8# loss this week. Imagine my surprise!! Alert the media, I lost more than an ounce or two. YAY!!! That makes my total loss 14.4 pounds. Slow but steady, I guess. Everyone says that any number with a minus sign in front of it is a good thing, so I'm quite pleased. I will not, however, take my loss as a sign that I can err and still come out smellin' like a rose. I need to stay focused. I have little doubt that the excess cardio played a part in this loss, but I'm happy as can be.

Off to the Doc tomorrow morning to get the blood work done. I'm anxious to see if my "stats" have improved at all. My last visit, the cholesterol was way down, so I'm hoping to see that again. Blood pressure has remained just fine and dandy for several years now, so I'm not overly concerned about that. My liver panel has changed a bit since going on a new cholesterol med, so I'm hopeful that has improved, since the Dr. told me exercise should help level that out and improve the number a bit. I'd hate to think my liver is rebelling against me at this late stage.

Now, as I sign off, picture an old, fat, lazy, cranky broad skipping around the house, singing the "I lost 1.8#" song of joy. :) That would be me. :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Whole FAM-DAMILY Is After Me Now!!!

Geez, now both of my little darlings are on my case!! The Primary Child had laughed at my inability to get pictures posted. Just because he is the family's "Techno Nerd" doesn't mean we all can be, or want to be. However, after working with this darned thing for about an hour yesterday, and writing down every move I made, I can now find my pictures. So there, Smart Ass PC!!

Just remember, dear children, I am an old person. You have both been taught to respect your elders....THAT MEANS ME!!!!!!!

My next move is to get the pictures in their proper order. This picture is of this morning's cardio on the bike. Golf was cancelled, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get a bit of an edge on The Perfect Child. I'm trying to see if I can get her to have to ride, walk, glide 3 hrs. this Sat. to catch up. I WILL NOT go down in defeat easily. :) (or quietly) (or politely) This is yesterday afternoon's cardio effort. I was not really busy in the late afternoon, so I hopped on the bike again.....minutes are mounting, PC!!!

(This is supposed to read 40:45) Gotta work on the flash thing. This is my morning's cardio yesterday. I thought this might be it for the day, but the opportunity to accumulate more minutes presented itself later in the day, so I jumped at the chance. "Jumped" might be too strong a word, but I did walk quickly. :)

Lest everyone think I'm really stupid, I do know how to cut and paste on the computer, but for some reason, I'm not able to do it in this blog space. YET!!! Another hour or two, and I should be good to go. BUT, for my Primary Child to suggest we have another challenge on picture posting speed was just mean....especially since I'm already old and cranky. This does not bode well for his name remaining in the will. :)
One last word for the Perfect Child......can you say "Insurmountable Lead"?????
After two rounds on the bike, I have to say my legs were less than steady. In between the two rounds, I did the stairs twice again. Can't count that, but I do like it as a change of pace. We have 16 stairs from the downstairs to the main level, then 16 from the main level to the upper level. I do them both at once, and try to do it at least twice, but really aim for 3 times. That third trip just wasn't in the cards yesterday. Today, it is. I have also been neglecting my strength training, and my right shoulder is telling me it is time to return to it with a little more dedication. Especially since today is "Turn it Up Tuesday", I must really "Git 'er done!" Weigh In Wednesday looms on my horizon, and I want to at least give it my best shot.
Once again......"INSURMOUNTABLE LEAD".....let's all say it again. :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Competition is Heatin' Up

The Great Cardio Challenge has become a fight now. No longer the friendly exchange of exercise minutes. We can both thank The Primary Child for lighting that fire. He mocked our friendly banter about our cardio minutes. Now, The Perfect Child has gone and done almost 2 hrs. of cardio on Sat., and another 35 min. on Sun. For the first time in the challenge, I am on the low end of the minute marker. I am currently down 2.693 points!!! I find that totally unacceptable, so to assure my victory I am instituting a new plan. I will not divulge that plan just yet, but the Perfect Child had best be for really upping the minutes. My first thought was to hire the little girl next door to run on the treadmill for an hour while I rode the bike, but I thought better of that and decided to do this on the "up and up". :) For now, anyway....the neighbor girl remains an option.

I am now "Sworn Enemy until Aug. 1". I have been demoted from just plain "Mom". Sad, how competition makes us mean and nasty. I think she did temper that remark later, but the pain still lingers. I only hope that when I have to have my other knee replaced, she will be feeling just a tinge of remorse over the damage she has done. :) Nothin' like a little good, old fashioned guilt added to the mix. Right?

Right here would be where I insert the picture, but I have saved the darned thing in 3 different files and still cannot get it extracted and put in this darned blog. Before I had the computer fixed, I could do it with ease, but right now, I'm really struggling with it. Naturally, The Perfect Child has some smart remark about this too. :) I think there must be some program addition missing since the cleaning out of the machine. I certainly can't figure it out, so I guess my blog will now go pictureless for the time being. Damn!!

I harbor no illusions about the success of my eating program this week. I had a wonderful weekend full of foods I know I should not be eating in the quantities I did. Beef, being the big offender. Saturday night was hamburgers on the grill, and Sunday night we had beef tenderloin on the grill. I did have healthy potato or macaroni salad, but still I know I over did just a speck, so I am not at all tempted to sneak a peek at my weight before Wed. And, while the beef in and of itself was not horrible, we do try to keep red meat meals to a minimum, and two days in a row is not at all what is on our agenda.

Having over done a tad, I'm back in the saddle today. I'm getting much better about regrouping and continuing after a fall off the horse. Used to be that I'd simply give up after a fall, but I'm really trying to stay focused and committed. And, actually, the falls haven't really been as bad lately as they used to be, so things are kinda looking up all around.