Thursday, June 25, 2009

The "Try to Kill V" Golf Marathon Has Finally Ended

Yes, it's true, my marathon of stupidity has finally come to an end. I am really none the worse for wear, but I am plenty tired of hot, humid weather. The golf was fun, and we all had a lovely time, but the weather just about did us in. Tomorrow is a sit in the AC and relax day. And I must say the prospect of only having to take one shower tomorrow instead of my usual three is kinda nice. I've been taking an extra one (cold) right after golf to get my core temp down, then one at night to cool down some more. Being old and stupid really sucks!!!

It was Weigh In Wednesday yesterday and I dropped .2#. I made it to the -15# mark, however, I made a tactical error....I weighed in before I played golf. I'm sure if I'd waited until after, I'd have been down more. :) I think I'm still retaining water from my efforts to stay hydrated throughout the golf marathon, so I'm hopeful that a day or two in the cooler indoors will help me shed some of the water. I can feel it in my feet and ankles.

I do have to admit that after the first day of heat and humidity and golf, I succumbed to temptation and ordered a pizza. We were going to grill turkey tenderloin, but the storms had winds so high I wasn't sure I could keep the grill lit. :) Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? That, and I figured I'd burned off a good deal of the pizza by sweating my way around the course for 4 hours. So, actually, the -.2# wasn't all that bad, in light of my visit to the "dark side".

Speaking of the storms, we were spared any significant damage. Just leaves and twigs scattered about. The golf course lost some large tree limbs, and other areas nearby had trees down in the streets. High winds took down some power poles, but everything seemed to get put back into working order quite quickly. We were lucky. Thank you all for expressing concern. One never knows how these storms are going to turn out, so I appreciate your thinking of us. (Well, ME, really.)

This weekend is birthday weekend, so we are looking forward to spending time with the grandkids. I plan on sitting on all the AC ducts to stay cool while I play with the little darlings.


  1. Sitting on the ac.. that's funny...stay away from the fan part - it could be a disaster! (pun intended)

  2. tee hee hee...I can just see you perched on the ac vent/duct! haa haa haa

  3. So glad you survived the gold and weather. You've earned your place by the A/C.

  4. Glad you are safe V! Have a great weekend and watch out for the Birthday Cake Monster!! :-)

  5. Also glad you're ok! And a comfortable perch on the AC sounds like a great plan.

  6. A day off sounds like exactly what you need!


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