Friday, June 19, 2009

Days Late and Dollars Short

Why is it that I always seem to jump on the last bandwagon leaving town? I'm pretty sure it has something to do with procrastination and laziness, but I'm not swearing to that. I was researching my Chia seed purchase (after the fact, mind you) and found an article written in May of 2008!! This article was authored by none other than our very own Crabby McSlacker. She explains, and extols the virtues of the seeds that apparently even Dr. Oz thinks are great. Now, being a reasonably intelligent person, why had I not heard of all of this before June 2009? See, a day late and a dollar short. Could have something to do with the fact that I didn't give a hoot about good health back then. But, Alas, now I do.

Just a short aside, then I'll leave the seed issue alone. I did put some in my water for golf yesterday, along with a Crystal Light packet, and sure enough the mix did turn slightly "jello-like". However, I did find that on a hot day(heat index 100ยบ+ and humidity 81%) I remained hydrated more easily than usual. I did not even notice that the seeds were there. Ok, so I'm done with the Chia seed issue until I see positive results in the lower blood sugar category. I know you'll all be happy about that.

I would now like to address the impression that The Primary Child left yesterday, that I never made him any lemon poppy seed bread. He has repeatedly denied having a childhood that he can remember, so I'm sure he's erased this bread from his mind. However, my beloved Perfect Child remembers the bread vividly, so I'm off the hook, so to speak. The Primary Child, to set the record straight, had a wonderful childhood, was a happy, well behaved, smart, and very laid back little kid. Why he chooses to forget those lovely years is beyond me. YES, Primary Child, I am talking to you!!!! He's kinda turned into a pain in the neck, as you can clearly see. :( Calling into question our parenting skills.....the very idea!!! I'm appalled.

Finally, our CSA delivery today will be something other than copious amounts of lettuce and spinach. We'll be getting those again, but will also get some kohlrabi, snap peas, onions and cauliflower. Early deliveries are usually just greens and onions, so I'm always delighted when the other stuff starts producing. Next week, we've been promised some carrots and radishes.
Even with the CSA delivery, I still find myself having to go to the Farmers' Market. I just love the whole experience. The abundance of wonderful, locally grown foods is such a wonderland for me. They also have local artisanal breads and cheeses, which I grudgingly pass by each week. I'm going to be forced to buy some bread and cheese one of the weeks, I can't stand it much longer.

Happy Fathers' Day, and everyone have a great weekend!!


  1. Me likes the Farmer's Market, too. Always lots of tasty treats, esp this time of year.

  2. Ha ha! That's why I'm the PERFECT child.

  3. I love the farmers market. I'm going to try to get there tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

  4. I've been on the chia seed bandwagon for almost 2 years now and I am not planning on getting off of it for a really long time. I first read about them on Chia Seeds and had to order a bag and I've never looked back!

  5. Actually, I never heard of Chia seeds either until MizFit introduced me to them.

    And, um, I found them kinda yucky myself, so even if they're really healthy I kinda stopped buying them.

    There are so many foods I LOVE I just can't get worked up to eat chia seeds!

  6. I can't rememeber what it was but I did a search for something and one of the first hits I got was Cranky Fitness.

    Maybe that is why I am not losing any faster than I am...I have not given up the cheese.

  7. Can't beat the farmer's market at this time of year.

  8. Ahhh summer...the land of good fresh food!!!!


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