Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reflections, NOT Resolutions!

We all know what happens to resolutions this time of year, so instead of lining up those things that will ultimately make me feel bad when I fail, I've decided to reflect on the past year, and ponder the coming year in a more positive manner.

In March, after a wonderful trip to Phoenix, The Perfect Child and I decided to embark on a new, and healthier lifestyle. Hubby Dearest came along for the ride. :) A modicum of success was achieved on my part....I began this blog. The Perfect Child's blog kinda fell by the wayside, but her efforts at being healthier did not. After eating my way thru every Mexican restaurant in Phoenix, I also decided it was time to lose some weight as well as regain my health. Initially I lost 16.4 pounds!! After sending out a search party in the last month or so, I found almost all of those pounds again. DAMN!!! I am down about 2.2#, which, if I really look at the positive side of this, is not a total bust. At least I still have a small loss to form the base of my new program.

According to my Dr., even with a weight re-gain, I have, in fact, improved many factors regarding my health. That's a positive for sure, but I know I can improve even further. Another trip to another Dr. (ortho guy) reaffirmed what I already knew. My remaining original equipment knee is shelled and is going to have to be replaced. No big surprise. However, what I did learn, is that cortisone (or any steroid) will raise blood sugar! Well, color me shocked. In spite of that, my blood sugar levels went down, and all is well on that front. After spending a good deal of time on my feet over the holidays, I now have a knee that is swollen to the size of a volleyball and is stiff as a board. I'm thinking an excess of sodium (and alcohol) might also have played a part in this little "problem", so I'm drinking gallons of water to begin the flushing of my system. I have learned a little something along this journey. :) Exercise is a key, but I will have to sort out those exercises that I can do safely, and not stress my knee any further.

I NEED to journal my foods. Even when I think I'm just so damned smart I don't need to keep track anymore, I find myself back in trouble. I know, I know, everyone will agree that a food diary will help more than almost any other thing one does, but for whatever reason, there was a time (recently) that I thought I had it all organized in my head and no longer needed the paper "crutch". Reflecting.....I was wrong. So I pulled out the food diary today, and am back in the fold. The lost sheep had been found.

Soooooooo, reflecting on the past year has made me realize several things. I really do like blogging, and communicating with other bloggers. I do need to journal my foods. I do need to try and do the exercises that I am able to do. I want to continue to incorporate healthy choices into our everyday living. We've been doing pretty well in that department, so I want to keep at it, refine it, and make it a healthy habit. None of these reflections are meant to be resolutions, so therefore I cannot break I usually do. :)

In closing this particular blog entry, I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy New Year.
Happy 2010!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

OK, So Shoot Me

Yes, I know, I said I was done posting for a while. So Shoot Me!!! I lied. Besides, when you have a picture as cute as this one to share, how could I possibly resist the temptation to post a picture of my precious grandchildren.
Things have actually gone to hell in a hand basket since I last posted. Just plain ignored what I should be paying attention to. Was at the Dr.'s today for blood work, and did not like what his scales told me. Now, they are always 9# higher than my scales at home (and believe me, the ones at home are scary enough), so I was semi-prepared for a shock. I was not shocked, I was awed!!! I am not at all surprised, but I certainly am dismayed.
"Time has come, the Walrus said"....Yep, it is time to get my fat ass in gear and do something about this lethargy that has overcome me. I'll not procrastinate any longer. Now, today, right this moment, I'm beginning anew. I know what to do, I just need to jump start myself and "Get 'er done"!!! Have I now used enough cheesy quotes for this to count as a humorous post? Yes, I think so.
It occurs to me that I can't even make good on my promise to not post for a while, so how am I gonna do this whole livin' right thing? Hmmmmm. Good question. For one thing, I'm coming back to my blogging friends, reading their posts, and keeping my mind on the business at hand. I hope you'll forgive my foolish departure from the blogosphere. It was ill advised. I'll do a little penance as I ride my bike, and shovel what looks to be a substantial amount of snow on the way. So, I'm back, I lied, so shoot me. :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yes, I Would Like Some Cheese With This Whine

I'm bored. I'm bored with my blog, I'm bored with typing it, I'm bored with not progressing and having anything interesting to report in my blog. I still enjoy reading the blogs I've signed onto, but all in all, I think I'm really boring AND bored. Evidenced by the lack of comments for my last few posts (enter the whiner, now) I can tell that all of you are bored with me, too. Now, I realize I never had hundreds of comments, or even dozens, but when I only get one or two per post, it sends me a message. I AM BORING!!! Shoot, I even lost two followers!!!

I haven't made any progress in my attempt to lose weight, either. Wednesday brought a small change. I was down .2#. Big deal. I have improved our eating habits immeasurably, and we do watch what we eat more closely. That part of this journey has been a huge plus. Not being able to do the exercises I once did, and the way I was once able to do them, is a big downer for me. I don't have the enthusiasm I once did. I'm stuck at having lost 10# total, so it's hasn't been a total bust.

So, for the foreseeable future, I am going to cease and desist, by popular demand. I'm just going to lurk and read other blogs, and let my blog sit and think about what it's done. It is in a "Time Out".

Monday, December 7, 2009

Chuggin' Along

After a rather uneventful week, I feel kinda under-motivated. Not UN-motivated, just under motivated. Snow is on the ground now, with more on the way Wednesday. That really should put me in a festive mood, but as yet, the Yuletide Spirit has not yet kicked me in the butt. I'm just chuggin' along with all my usual routines. I need a kick in the pants! I have to brag just a tad on being better about our food choices. Hubby Dearest and I both decided we need to get back to being a bit smarter in that regard. So, I must admit, that we did better this past week.

Since I didn't do Weigh In Wednesday last week, I'm thinking I might just get back to where I was Pre-Phoenix. That would actually be ok with me for right now. I anticipate some snow shovelling in my future, so that will up the exercise quotient a bit. To be honest, I'll use the snow blower, but it is huge and so is our driveway. Trying to keep warm burns calories, too, right???

I am also pleased to announce that almost 2 months after my cortisone injection, my knee is still feeling ok. Even after the 5K, and 3 rounds of golf, I'm still feeling better than before. It's never going to be great 'til I have the surgery, but for now, I'll settle for ok. I am beginning to do a little bit more leg and hip exercising, but I am taking it slow and easy. No need to upset the apple cart by going overboard. The small downside is that I can still predict a change in the weather with my knee. :)

So, all in all, I think I'm finally moving along in the right direction. But, as I've read in so many blogs, winter is a tough time to keep it going. That will be my greatest challenge, I suspect. My outdoor walks will be few and far between, so it will be back on the "Gerbil Wheel of Doom" and of course, my beloved recumbent bike. With dreary days ahead, I'll have to really push to get myself motivated, but I remain hopeful.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Been There, Done That, And Now Have The Damned T-Shirt

Yes, friends and family, I did, in fact, complete the 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day! I was passed by an 86 year old man "slogging" his way along the route, chatting merrily as he blew by me, and having a lovely day. His 35th year of running in this sort of event. I was duly impressed, believe me. At about the half way mark, I had a bit of a twinge in my knee so my pace slowed a trifle. That's when the "Old Runner Guy" passed me. After walking a bit slower, and with shorter strides, the knee re-seated itself and off we went again. I say "we" because the Perfect Child and Hubby Dearest held back and walked with me at my pace. Love is grand, ain't it? They could easily have blown by me and waited for my arrival at the finish line, but they didn't. Thanks to both. I had set a time limit of 1.5 hrs. to complete this event, and we made it in just over 1 hr. I really felt I could have done better if the knee hadn't acted up at the half way mark, but overall, I'm pleased that I made it. And, yes, I did get the damned t-shirt, as I stated as my original goal. :)

Still, the 5K and three rounds of golf did not wear off all of the damage we did in the adult beverage and football food department. Today was Weigh In Wednesday, and I have actually decided to skip it because I know it will depress me. My jeans still fit, but not because I exercised any sort of self control at all.....I'm just plain lucky. I admit I worried about what I might have to wear home on the plane if the jeans became too tight. :) Thank goodness, I didn't have to worry.

So last night, it was back to doing what should be done. Being sensible, and righting the ship. I've been adrift a bit too long, so now I must seek calmer waters and begin cruising my way to reclaiming myself again. Off I go now. Good health awaits!!!