Friday, November 19, 2010

Shocking, Just Shocking!!

Yep, shock of shocks, I am posting yet again. It will be just like most of my other posts, random and imparting nothing of note. However, I find myself with a bit of time on my hands, so I thought I'd sneak in a post today. Don't get excited, I don't have much to say. :)

I had my pre-op "class" yesterday. It was semi-informative. Much of the info was the same as when I had my other knee replaced five years ago. However, there were some new twists since my last foray into surgery. This particular orthopedic department believes in pain meds by the pound!! I'm not at all sure I'm totally on board with that. Before I'm even undressed I will be given an Oxycontin, Tylenol, and some other pain pill/relaxant I'd never heard of. Hope I can get undressed and into my hospital garb before I pass out.

The rules for post op are much tougher, but they mentioned nothing about physical therapy. That was the most important part of my recovery last time. I asked about that and was told they would discuss therapy with me after the surgery. Wish I had a little more info on that. The newest thing, and one I'm lukewarm about, is that instead of the Coumadin I took post op last time, I'm going home with 7 pre-loaded syringes of Lovenox (sp?) that I have to inject into my stomach once a day. Doesn't that sound like a laugh a minute? Hope the needle is long enough to penetrate the blubber that resides there. :)

I just noticed that I have no spell check for this post, and the font is different. What the hell happened while I was sleeping? I don't get it. So, while I think I've spelled things pretty well, I'm not certain. Wonder what else will change while I'm recooperating? Hope I still have an account upon my return.

Once again....Happy Thanksgiving to all, and safe travels.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Yes, I'm Still Here!

After what seems like a long absence, I have rejoined the blogosphere. Nothing was wrong, I was not sick, and I wasn't being bad....I was being lazy. Well, that, and I'm trying to get everything in order for Thanksgiving, the last tailgate of the year and have the house in order for after my surgery. Needless to say, I'm anxiously awaiting Nov. 29 and my new knee.

I have my pre-op walk through this Thursday, and my physical on Monday. I should be all set to go. I'll be delighted to have my mobility restored. I have been trying to keep up with exercise and proper diet. I have to say, I'm doing ok in both regards. I'm not a shining star, by any means, but I've done pretty well.

A friend of mine recently broke her right foot, and is not allowed to drive, so I'm trying to accumulate brownie points by chauffeuring her around these last few days before I no longer can drive. Then, hopefully, she'll be able to take over. I'll be wheel-less for about 4 weeks. Certainly didn't wish an injury on her, but at least we can help each other out. Handy for me, not so great for her.

I must now take a moment to brag on The Primary Child. As a teacher, he doesn't have lots of time off, but he is going to take a personal day after my surgery to drive 2 hrs. one way to come help me out if needed. I thought that was a lovely gesture. I'm quite certain The Perfect Child would fly in from Phoenix if necessary. I got me some terrific kids!! Even Hubby Dearest surprised me by taking the entire week off after my surgery. Didn't see that comin'. I figured an hour here, an hour there....color me shocked. What a guy!!

Thank goodness the new Trader Joe's opened here before I was temporarily incapacitated. I have enjoyed my forays into the new store. I can now make shopping lists for all my favorite places and I'm sure HD will be happy to fulfill my every whim. For one who absolutely hates grocery shopping, his efforts will probably be less than enthusiastic. Poor guy. But if he wants to eat, he'll adapt.

I am able to read blogs on my Crackberry, so I'll be in and out of the blogs while I'm hobbled. I haven't found a good way to comment or post on my phone, so I may be silent, but I'll be checking up on everyone.

I'll check back in on the flip side of surgery. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. For those who are travelling, please travel safely. The very best to everyone. "See" you soon!!!