Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blogger's Block

I've had Writer's Block before, but now it has turned into Blogger's Block. I am still doing most of the same things on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, so nothing strikes me as very newsworthy. The events that are fun and exciting to me have nothing to do with my health, per se. Even tho' each of the fun events make me happy and I enjoy them enormously, they don't necessarily contribute to my overall good health.

Example: Our wonderful grandson's 3rd birthday party. For this big event, The Perfect Child flew in from Phoenix to help celebrate. Big party, big fun. Smart eating....not so much. Earlier, The Primary Child and the above mentioned wonderful grandson came for a visit. Rainy weather, no outside activity, and again.....good habits took a big hit. Guests for golf, dinner out, bbq's when weather permits. Dumb choices all over the place.

Next up: 4th of July with friends joining us for the huge celebration at our club. I'm planning on improving my choice making, but who knows? I grow weaker and weaker in this department lately. I'm not gaining any weight, but I'm certainly not losing, or taking care of my overall health.

I should get a gauge as to just what damage I may have done very soon. Monday, I went to the Dr. for my 6 month med-check. I'll be getting the blood work results back this week, so perhaps I'll be shocked back into action....and while I'm not anxious for bad news, maybe that might just be the kick in the butt I need to get my sorry ass back on track. I talk to myself daily, chastising myself for being such a slacker. I know exactly what the consequences will be if I don't get going in the right direction again. I know, I know, I know. WHEN do I DO???? I certainly do not lack for AH-HA moments, they happen all the time. How do I manage to continually ignore them?

Sciatica is much improved, golf is more frequent, so theoretically, I should be perking right along, right? Yeah, I'd think so too.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dadgummit, Anyhow!

Seems as tho' I'm just not gonna catch a break this week. Yesterday, as I was pulling some items out of the dryer in order to get ready for my big golf outing, I snapped my sciatic all over again. Not as bad this time, but plenty aggravating. I made up my mind not to miss this golf event because it was "Bras for the Cause", a breast cancer and women's health organization here that our golf club supports with a big tournament every year. I hated to miss it, so I dropped "a few" Tylenol Arthritis Strength, and tried to keep moving. I wasn't much help to the team, but I got thru the day with no major problems. Just the same nagging pain as I woke up with.

Upon my return from the tournament, I called the chiropractor to see if I could get in yet that afternoon. The office was closed!! I suffered thru the evening, and was able to sleep a bit. I do have to get more Tylenol, however. Also had to pull out "Old Faithful"...the ice bag. I've had it attached to my butt off and on all day. Took it off only long enough to get the chiro to adjust me, and to have my spinal decompression. I'm having a modicum of relief right now, so I'm hopeful this siege of sciatica won't be as long, or as painful as the last one. The whole things throws a real kink into my exercise program, let me just say. Walking slowly is just about all I can do at present. I've tried a few stretches with the exercise ball, but I'm not quite sure about that yet. It hasn't actually been painful, but I can feel an uncomfortable pull now and then.

My salsa garden has suffered a setback, too. A friend told me to make a solution of Dawn liquid dish washing soap and water to get rid of the little bugs that were nibbling on my radish tops and enjoying my lettuce right down to the ground. I bought a plain, non-antibacterial, old fashioned Dawn liquid, added it to a spay bottle with some water. Spritzing away, I was feeling very good about my efforts to remain "green". Later that day, the tops of the radishes were brown and wilted, the lettuce sickly, and the leaves were beginning to yellow on my pepper plants.... and then eventually they fell off!!! Tomatoes were unaffected, thank the Good Lord!! Today, I noticed that teeny, tiny leaves were beginning to form on the "Pepper Sticks". Can't really call them plants at present! :) I remain hopeful that I'll have peppers by the time the snow flies.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blogger Must Not Like Me

I had the most wonderful post ready for yesterday, but Blogger wouldn't let me post it. I commented on a few blogs, then PRESTO! I was booted out. Was it something I said?? At any rate, a day has passed and I've forgotten what I was going to regale you all with. So, I decided that an even better post would include the picture of our granddaughter, "The Dancing Princess", pre-recital. Ain't she sweet? This picture doesn't show her black and white pom poms which were part of the dance. The music..."I'm A Believer"... Right up my alley, era wise. :) It was fun to see all the little ones doing their very best to remember their steps. As usual, I was tired of seeing the older dancers every other dance. 2hrs. and 40 min. of dancing, and the cutest dancer of all was 5th or 6th from the last act. :(

On another note, I assume I am running away with the "Dumbest Thing I've Ever Done" weight loss challenge. My competition has not reported in for two weeks, so I have declared myself the winner of the last two weigh ins! This is turning out to be easier than I ever imagined!! Possibly NOT the dumbest thing I've ever done, at all.

I have just purchased two new cookbooks, neither one of which I needed. However, I love cookbooks, and now that I've added these two to the collection, I have decided I need to cook at least two items from a cookbook, any cookbook, in the collection each week. More would be better, but at least two seems doable. My new Emeril cookbook, "Farm to Fork" will be useful when my CSA shares begin to be more bountiful. Right now we are stuck on greens, spring onions and asparagus. All wonderful stuff, but I'm looking forward to more variety soon. The other book, "Planet BBQ" gives ideas for international barbecue favorites. Last night we had a Serbian style stuffed pork tenderloin. Wonderful!! HD's father's family was Croatian, so in the interest of detente, we enjoyed a Serbian specialty. Ever the peacemaker, that's me. There are Croatian recipes in the book, so I do plan on sampling those soon.

My new addiction, which I'm trying to use to replace Cheetos, is Twitter. I'm not a contributor, as a rule, but I am following several people. I find it oddly fascinating, and totally addictive. Being a total non-technological person, this is a huge step for me. Teeny, tiny news bits, recipes, gossip and useless info is wildly amusing I am finding. It's just plain fun. Guess what, when I got kicked out of Blogger yesterday, I went right to Twitter to amuse myself. Should I have done laundry? Yes, of course. I got around to that eventually, so Twitter is not consuming all of my time, although I think it certainly could. Moderation in all things, right? Right!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ok, Where Is My Yearly Weight Loss??

I just read that throughout the year, a person sheds about 9# of skin!! Where's my 9# loss been hiding? Has someone else confiscated it? I feel cheated.

I have noticed my skin getting thinner, (old age, I'm told) but I've had no significant weight loss due to skin loss, I'm pretty sure. How, and when does this happen? Certainly not while I'm watching....and I have become very vigilant after reading of this phenomenon. Something else for me to ponder while I'm awake at night. :)

I decided yesterday that perhaps my blog needed a new look. Being kinda techno challenged, I tried to find a spiffy one from one of the sites dedicated to creating new blog templates. I found one, downloaded it, as instructed. Problem #1, the right margin said 2009 and problem #2, it didn't completely replace my old template, so I had old and new trying to compete with one another. My solution? Just use the templates that Google provides. Quick, easy, done!! Not sure yet if it has boosted my enthusiasm or not.

Today's CSA delivery is going to be Bok Choi, Lettuce, Arugula, and Garlic Scapes. Looks like we will be having a salad of some sort this evening, followed by a healthy stir fry on Sun. Sat., we'll be in Omaha for our granddaughter's dance recital. I totally enjoy watching the little dancers every year, but as the program goes on, the older dancers begin, and I lose interest. I know that when our 6 yr. old progresses upward, I'll enjoy the older kids, too. However, at this point only the little ones make me smile.

No report this week from my competition in the "Dumbest Thing I've Ever Done" weight loss challenge. Plus, he's off to Vegas this weekend!!! I think I'm gonna do just dandy. This past week, I held even, but lethargy overtook me and my exercise program. No gain, so I guess that's good, but with a little more effort, I can do even better. I just need to get motivated again. Having a competitor should help, but since he's not really giving it his all, neither am I. THAT, has to stop....for me, anyway.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just Wonderin'

I was awake again last night with my restless leg and began to ponder. I pondered many important things, but the uppermost topic was blogging. I am concerned because I feel I have run dry, and have no blog topics I want to discuss. I look at my blog list and see all of you coming up with witty, interesting, pithy, informative, and smart things to blog about. I'm at a loss.

I am continuing my journey to better health, but nothing fascinating or exciting is happening on that front. I'm doing just fine in my "Dumbest Thing I've Ever Done" challenge, but it isn't necessarily newsworthy. No really big news around here. I don't really feel like I'm in a funk, really, just experiencing some antipathy toward my blog.

See, this is why one should not contemplate big things while up and about at 2 or 3 in the morning. Nothing good comes from thinking. :)