Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blogger's Block

I've had Writer's Block before, but now it has turned into Blogger's Block. I am still doing most of the same things on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, so nothing strikes me as very newsworthy. The events that are fun and exciting to me have nothing to do with my health, per se. Even tho' each of the fun events make me happy and I enjoy them enormously, they don't necessarily contribute to my overall good health.

Example: Our wonderful grandson's 3rd birthday party. For this big event, The Perfect Child flew in from Phoenix to help celebrate. Big party, big fun. Smart eating....not so much. Earlier, The Primary Child and the above mentioned wonderful grandson came for a visit. Rainy weather, no outside activity, and again.....good habits took a big hit. Guests for golf, dinner out, bbq's when weather permits. Dumb choices all over the place.

Next up: 4th of July with friends joining us for the huge celebration at our club. I'm planning on improving my choice making, but who knows? I grow weaker and weaker in this department lately. I'm not gaining any weight, but I'm certainly not losing, or taking care of my overall health.

I should get a gauge as to just what damage I may have done very soon. Monday, I went to the Dr. for my 6 month med-check. I'll be getting the blood work results back this week, so perhaps I'll be shocked back into action....and while I'm not anxious for bad news, maybe that might just be the kick in the butt I need to get my sorry ass back on track. I talk to myself daily, chastising myself for being such a slacker. I know exactly what the consequences will be if I don't get going in the right direction again. I know, I know, I know. WHEN do I DO???? I certainly do not lack for AH-HA moments, they happen all the time. How do I manage to continually ignore them?

Sciatica is much improved, golf is more frequent, so theoretically, I should be perking right along, right? Yeah, I'd think so too.


  1. Golf is good - so.....
    Oh, Vraz, I hope it all works out for you SOON!
    It reads like limbo, eh?

  2. You'll get it figured out! Life is just weird like this sometimes. I'm pulling for you!

  3. "I certainly do not lack for AH-HA moments, they happen all the time. How do I manage to continually ignore them?"

    I'm the same way. I've had a lot of those moments, and I'm still slacking off. Is there a Motivation Pill at the drug store?



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