Thursday, July 1, 2010

Well, Go Figure!

This just in!!! Dr. Reports That VRaz60 Is OK!! I just opened my Dr.'s report and found that aside from the bottom number of my blood pressure (I forget which is systolic and which is diastolic) all of my numbers have improved!! As I whined yesterday, it was due in no part to my healthy habits of late. I am hopeful that with these numbers showing improvement, and knowing that even tho' I've slacked off lately, I did well, I'll be more inclined to get my act together more quickly.

After several weeks of remaining silent, my competition has spoken!! He informs me that he has now lost weight again! The contest continues. Perhaps that, too, will motivate me again. He has forged into the lead by a per cent or two. I should put my nose to the grindstone, or more accurately, my butt on the recumbent bike, and get a move on it. I did 15 min. on the bike yesterday, but I really felt it in my knee. Fortuitously, my sciatica is in abeyance for the moment and I can be more active. Will that actually make me get going or not, we shall see.

As you can see, I talk a good game. Action needs a little work. I DO really want to get my mojo back, I really do. I don't want it to take bad news to make me work as hard as I should. I cannot take my positive Dr.'s report as a sign to continue slacking off.


  1. I'm sooo glad your report came back with good numbers! Imagine how much better they'll be when you've got your normal healthy habits in gear!

    Pulling for you in the contest!

  2. My spidey sense tells me that we're all going to get a mojo back asap :)

  3. Yay on the good numbers!!!!

    Now crush the competition! haa haa haa


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