Monday, July 12, 2010

No News=Good News, Right? Well, Maybe Not

That's just where I am at present...nothing newsworthy.

My knee completely gave way last week, so I am on the injured reserve list. Walking very gingerly until I can get to the orthopod on the 29th. I am hoping that the cortisone shot will help re-seat my knee, and I'll be able to resume some sort of regular walking routine. Right now I have a hobbling routine. My knee "popped", I heard it, waited a moment, and then it came....PAIN....shooting, stabbing pain. My knee had popped out of "sync". I got it kinda re-seated, but it still wobbles. I am seriously considering an earlier surgery date. I'll see the Doc on the 29th and ask if this little setback is enough to move up the surgery date. I'm hoping not, but if I'm going to have this "wobbler" for the next few months, I won't have much fun to look forward to. I know it's bad when I cancel golf!! One good thing has come of this new event tho', I've pretty much forgotten about my sciatica! :)

I've been away from blogging for a bit. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I began reading again yesterday on my Crackberry. I haven't figured out how to respond or comment using the phone yet, but I did finally read and catch up. I am trying to use the phone for as much as I can, then I don't have to go downstairs to the "office/gym" to use the regular computer. (We don't yet have a laptop.) Stairs are not my friend at the moment. I can't use any of the equipment we have downstairs, so I'll bring the exercise ball upstairs along with my 8# weights and do a little bit of work upstairs. Makes the family room look a little funny, but at least I can do a little something.

My main claim to fame in the past few weeks has been that we are keeping our eating under control. I've managed to stay on the healthy track with that, at least. The CSA shares help, so it's always fun to see what we're going to be enjoying from week to week. And, guess what??? My beloved kohlrabi has returned!!! Not in the huge quantities we had last year, but it's back. I am wondering what it is about Iowans and their kohlrabi? Even the farmers' markets are full of kohlrabi baskets. I find that very odd. Must have something to do with the bright purple color. If that's not the reason, I cannot figure out the attraction. This year, a friend and her husband are sharing our bounty with us. Makes it much easier to use all of the greens and, of course, kohlrabi, if we are not the only ones trying to make use of it. Zucchini squash season has begun, so I suppose I'll be baking soon. I'm not keen on baking, but with the onset of zucchini season, I usually have to do something baked for HD to take to the office. I can't let a cake sit around here, that's for sure. We'd not be able to resist.


  1. OUch! Sorry your knee is acting wonky again, but good for you for finding workarounds for most things!

  2. Ouch - bless your little knee's heart.
    And yours.

  3. Yikes....good luck with the knee. That is NO FUN!

    KUDOS for keeping your eating somewhat under control!


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