Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Keeping Up

I'm trying to keep up with my goals, I really am. However, my goal for Sunday kinda fell through. The Sunday supper I had set as my goal, became a soup supper. Still healthy, and still eaten together between football games. Not traditional, but it was fun.

Yesterday's (Monday) goal was to continue monitoring my water intake. I am still having edema issues after my surgery, so I am trying to be extra cognisant of my water consumption. I say yesterday's goal even though I have yet to end my day. My butt ache is preventing me from sleeping, so technically I'm still working on my Monday. These little late night adventures are starting to annoy me.

So, since it is now Tuesday according to the clock and the calendar, I think my goal for today will be to catch up on as many blogs as I can. I have been rather lazy in that regard lately. I finally learned to use the iPad for this purpose, but have not really done so. I still cannot find the spell check for my blog, so my apologies for any errors.

I am holding steady with my eating and exercise. I must admit, my exercise routines are getting more and more like the ones of yesteryear....a.k.a pre surgery. I hold the hope that increased strength will soon translate into the disappearance of my sciatic nerve problems. Thus far, the acupuncture is not the miracle cure I'd anticipated.

Once I feel confident my strength is where it should be, I want to get back to the gym and my trainer. While I do ok on my own, I really like being held accountable by both my trainer and my pocketbook!!! S'pose I could count that as one of my daily goals, too....just not quite yet.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Well, Now What?

Already one whole day into my new plan, and I'm pondering what should be today's plan. I'm torn between incorporating extra stairs into the daily number, or doing laundry! I suppose technically, doing laundry is a non-compliant event. Oh well, I tried. I estimate I go up and down our stairs (16 on each level) at least 5 times per day. This includes going up to bed and coming downstairs in the morning. (I'm counting up and down as one trip) I am thinking that an addition of 3 extra trips would be helpful for my knees, and fulfill my goal per day requirement.

Thinking, thinking always thinking...since I don't generally post on weekends I have come up with my two goals for Saturday and Sunday. For Saturday, I am going to be more aware of the actual amount of water I am drinking. I've not been keeping track, and I am pretty sure I am falling short. Sunday is in flux...laundry may win the day! A girl needs clean underwear, ya know. Not really. I want to make a healthy and satisfying Sunday supper. Hubby Dearest has been out of thorn this week so I think a comfort food Sunday supper would be nice. Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

In case anyone wonders, and I seriously doubt that you do, I did manage to meet yesterday's goal. In fact, I did 15 min twice on the recumbent. Big deal for me as I tend to NOT be an overachiever!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Goals In The New Year

Yes, I realize his sounds suspiciously like New Year's Resolutions, but I'm looking at it from a different perspective. I've been reading The Primary Child's tweets and Facebook posts,and have become intrigued by his daily goals. These are not lofty, nor are rhey difficult. It occurs to me that as I continue to build my strength after the knee surgery, perhaps daily, achievable goals would be a dandy idea.

Looking back, my first goal was to be flexible enough to remove the risers from the toilet seat! Mission accomplished. Funny how something that simple was a signal to me that my recovery is well on it's way. With my strength in my leg returning I think it is time to add a few daily goals that include physical activities. So far, a little walking and some recumbent bike riding have been my routine. Dr. Said Thursday I could add exercises that did not cause undo stress on my knees.

Since I am still "blessed" with my sciatica, I think my first order of business will be to find a stretching routine that will strengthen those back muscles and the core. Not ready for weight bearing exercises yet, so will have to make stretching work for now.

So for today's goal....15 min twice today on the recumbent.