Friday, June 4, 2010

Ok, Where Is My Yearly Weight Loss??

I just read that throughout the year, a person sheds about 9# of skin!! Where's my 9# loss been hiding? Has someone else confiscated it? I feel cheated.

I have noticed my skin getting thinner, (old age, I'm told) but I've had no significant weight loss due to skin loss, I'm pretty sure. How, and when does this happen? Certainly not while I'm watching....and I have become very vigilant after reading of this phenomenon. Something else for me to ponder while I'm awake at night. :)

I decided yesterday that perhaps my blog needed a new look. Being kinda techno challenged, I tried to find a spiffy one from one of the sites dedicated to creating new blog templates. I found one, downloaded it, as instructed. Problem #1, the right margin said 2009 and problem #2, it didn't completely replace my old template, so I had old and new trying to compete with one another. My solution? Just use the templates that Google provides. Quick, easy, done!! Not sure yet if it has boosted my enthusiasm or not.

Today's CSA delivery is going to be Bok Choi, Lettuce, Arugula, and Garlic Scapes. Looks like we will be having a salad of some sort this evening, followed by a healthy stir fry on Sun. Sat., we'll be in Omaha for our granddaughter's dance recital. I totally enjoy watching the little dancers every year, but as the program goes on, the older dancers begin, and I lose interest. I know that when our 6 yr. old progresses upward, I'll enjoy the older kids, too. However, at this point only the little ones make me smile.

No report this week from my competition in the "Dumbest Thing I've Ever Done" weight loss challenge. Plus, he's off to Vegas this weekend!!! I think I'm gonna do just dandy. This past week, I held even, but lethargy overtook me and my exercise program. No gain, so I guess that's good, but with a little more effort, I can do even better. I just need to get motivated again. Having a competitor should help, but since he's not really giving it his all, neither am I. THAT, has to stop....for me, anyway.


  1. No gain is always good and I just had to say that you make me smile... :)

  2. Ohhh, I like this template. It's very serene. I like serene.

    Not to put any undue pressure on you, but I'm really counting on you to win this challenge. We are woman, hear us roar--that kind of thing. So get up, and get going! :)

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  5. My nine pounds of skin has been hiding on my window sills, under the bed, and on my furniture. That gives a lovely mental picture, doesn't it?

    I enjoy seeing my kids' recitals; I get all choked up and proud. I hope your travels go smoothly.

  6. That's a bit of skin, eh?
    Nine pounds - ew!


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