Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dadgummit, Anyhow!

Seems as tho' I'm just not gonna catch a break this week. Yesterday, as I was pulling some items out of the dryer in order to get ready for my big golf outing, I snapped my sciatic all over again. Not as bad this time, but plenty aggravating. I made up my mind not to miss this golf event because it was "Bras for the Cause", a breast cancer and women's health organization here that our golf club supports with a big tournament every year. I hated to miss it, so I dropped "a few" Tylenol Arthritis Strength, and tried to keep moving. I wasn't much help to the team, but I got thru the day with no major problems. Just the same nagging pain as I woke up with.

Upon my return from the tournament, I called the chiropractor to see if I could get in yet that afternoon. The office was closed!! I suffered thru the evening, and was able to sleep a bit. I do have to get more Tylenol, however. Also had to pull out "Old Faithful"...the ice bag. I've had it attached to my butt off and on all day. Took it off only long enough to get the chiro to adjust me, and to have my spinal decompression. I'm having a modicum of relief right now, so I'm hopeful this siege of sciatica won't be as long, or as painful as the last one. The whole things throws a real kink into my exercise program, let me just say. Walking slowly is just about all I can do at present. I've tried a few stretches with the exercise ball, but I'm not quite sure about that yet. It hasn't actually been painful, but I can feel an uncomfortable pull now and then.

My salsa garden has suffered a setback, too. A friend told me to make a solution of Dawn liquid dish washing soap and water to get rid of the little bugs that were nibbling on my radish tops and enjoying my lettuce right down to the ground. I bought a plain, non-antibacterial, old fashioned Dawn liquid, added it to a spay bottle with some water. Spritzing away, I was feeling very good about my efforts to remain "green". Later that day, the tops of the radishes were brown and wilted, the lettuce sickly, and the leaves were beginning to yellow on my pepper plants.... and then eventually they fell off!!! Tomatoes were unaffected, thank the Good Lord!! Today, I noticed that teeny, tiny leaves were beginning to form on the "Pepper Sticks". Can't really call them plants at present! :) I remain hopeful that I'll have peppers by the time the snow flies.


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry about your back! Yes, let's all hold hands and chant, "Be gone quickly this time!"

    I know that the "safe soap" spray isn't good for cauliflower and red cabbage, but I thought it was okay for peppers. This might explain my bell pepper's refusal to grow up. (I'm using my grandmother's recipe: 2 teaspoons of soap to a gallon of water.)

  2. What i always used for bugs was boiling the rhubarb leaves and then straining then and spraying the liquid!
    Hope your feeling better

  3. It is so easy for the back to go at the wrong times isn't it? I'm touching wood whilst typing;)

    Hope things improve for you soon.


  4. I get back problems, too. Ugh. The walking helps (in my condition, anyway). Oh, I hope this works out soon.


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