Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blogger Must Not Like Me

I had the most wonderful post ready for yesterday, but Blogger wouldn't let me post it. I commented on a few blogs, then PRESTO! I was booted out. Was it something I said?? At any rate, a day has passed and I've forgotten what I was going to regale you all with. So, I decided that an even better post would include the picture of our granddaughter, "The Dancing Princess", pre-recital. Ain't she sweet? This picture doesn't show her black and white pom poms which were part of the dance. The music..."I'm A Believer"... Right up my alley, era wise. :) It was fun to see all the little ones doing their very best to remember their steps. As usual, I was tired of seeing the older dancers every other dance. 2hrs. and 40 min. of dancing, and the cutest dancer of all was 5th or 6th from the last act. :(

On another note, I assume I am running away with the "Dumbest Thing I've Ever Done" weight loss challenge. My competition has not reported in for two weeks, so I have declared myself the winner of the last two weigh ins! This is turning out to be easier than I ever imagined!! Possibly NOT the dumbest thing I've ever done, at all.

I have just purchased two new cookbooks, neither one of which I needed. However, I love cookbooks, and now that I've added these two to the collection, I have decided I need to cook at least two items from a cookbook, any cookbook, in the collection each week. More would be better, but at least two seems doable. My new Emeril cookbook, "Farm to Fork" will be useful when my CSA shares begin to be more bountiful. Right now we are stuck on greens, spring onions and asparagus. All wonderful stuff, but I'm looking forward to more variety soon. The other book, "Planet BBQ" gives ideas for international barbecue favorites. Last night we had a Serbian style stuffed pork tenderloin. Wonderful!! HD's father's family was Croatian, so in the interest of detente, we enjoyed a Serbian specialty. Ever the peacemaker, that's me. There are Croatian recipes in the book, so I do plan on sampling those soon.

My new addiction, which I'm trying to use to replace Cheetos, is Twitter. I'm not a contributor, as a rule, but I am following several people. I find it oddly fascinating, and totally addictive. Being a total non-technological person, this is a huge step for me. Teeny, tiny news bits, recipes, gossip and useless info is wildly amusing I am finding. It's just plain fun. Guess what, when I got kicked out of Blogger yesterday, I went right to Twitter to amuse myself. Should I have done laundry? Yes, of course. I got around to that eventually, so Twitter is not consuming all of my time, although I think it certainly could. Moderation in all things, right? Right!!


  1. Oh, how frustrating to be booted out. Depending on my mood, I'd self-sooth with food. I'm sure you did better than me.

    Cute picture!

    I really like cookbooks, too. I had to get rid of several when we moved.

  2. I'm a new blogger. On another weight loss journey and trying to hold myself accountable here in the blogging. Do you like Emeril's new cookbook? I was thinking of buying it. Good luck!

  3. Ohhhhh can't wait to hear what you think of Farm to Fork. I'm constantly looking for new and unique recipes to use our garden produce!


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