Friday, November 19, 2010

Shocking, Just Shocking!!

Yep, shock of shocks, I am posting yet again. It will be just like most of my other posts, random and imparting nothing of note. However, I find myself with a bit of time on my hands, so I thought I'd sneak in a post today. Don't get excited, I don't have much to say. :)

I had my pre-op "class" yesterday. It was semi-informative. Much of the info was the same as when I had my other knee replaced five years ago. However, there were some new twists since my last foray into surgery. This particular orthopedic department believes in pain meds by the pound!! I'm not at all sure I'm totally on board with that. Before I'm even undressed I will be given an Oxycontin, Tylenol, and some other pain pill/relaxant I'd never heard of. Hope I can get undressed and into my hospital garb before I pass out.

The rules for post op are much tougher, but they mentioned nothing about physical therapy. That was the most important part of my recovery last time. I asked about that and was told they would discuss therapy with me after the surgery. Wish I had a little more info on that. The newest thing, and one I'm lukewarm about, is that instead of the Coumadin I took post op last time, I'm going home with 7 pre-loaded syringes of Lovenox (sp?) that I have to inject into my stomach once a day. Doesn't that sound like a laugh a minute? Hope the needle is long enough to penetrate the blubber that resides there. :)

I just noticed that I have no spell check for this post, and the font is different. What the hell happened while I was sleeping? I don't get it. So, while I think I've spelled things pretty well, I'm not certain. Wonder what else will change while I'm recooperating? Hope I still have an account upon my return.

Once again....Happy Thanksgiving to all, and safe travels.


  1. Dang VRaz!
    Sounds like you could use a Nurse!
    Get well soon!

  2. Wait a minute. You pay a gazillion dollars for surgery and they make you give yourself your own shots?! Absurd! (I'd never make it as I am a supreme wuss.)

    Speedy recuperation!

  3. Ouch!! The shots themselves sound painful :(

  4. Is the pre-op stuff versed? It's my son's favorite! My son and my husband have both done the Lovenox shots. You can do it! Hubby had a hip replacement and my son has a clotting disorder and takes coumadin. So he has to stop that and do Lovenox before and after surgery.

    Praying all goes well and recovery is quick!


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