Monday, December 7, 2009

Chuggin' Along

After a rather uneventful week, I feel kinda under-motivated. Not UN-motivated, just under motivated. Snow is on the ground now, with more on the way Wednesday. That really should put me in a festive mood, but as yet, the Yuletide Spirit has not yet kicked me in the butt. I'm just chuggin' along with all my usual routines. I need a kick in the pants! I have to brag just a tad on being better about our food choices. Hubby Dearest and I both decided we need to get back to being a bit smarter in that regard. So, I must admit, that we did better this past week.

Since I didn't do Weigh In Wednesday last week, I'm thinking I might just get back to where I was Pre-Phoenix. That would actually be ok with me for right now. I anticipate some snow shovelling in my future, so that will up the exercise quotient a bit. To be honest, I'll use the snow blower, but it is huge and so is our driveway. Trying to keep warm burns calories, too, right???

I am also pleased to announce that almost 2 months after my cortisone injection, my knee is still feeling ok. Even after the 5K, and 3 rounds of golf, I'm still feeling better than before. It's never going to be great 'til I have the surgery, but for now, I'll settle for ok. I am beginning to do a little bit more leg and hip exercising, but I am taking it slow and easy. No need to upset the apple cart by going overboard. The small downside is that I can still predict a change in the weather with my knee. :)

So, all in all, I think I'm finally moving along in the right direction. But, as I've read in so many blogs, winter is a tough time to keep it going. That will be my greatest challenge, I suspect. My outdoor walks will be few and far between, so it will be back on the "Gerbil Wheel of Doom" and of course, my beloved recumbent bike. With dreary days ahead, I'll have to really push to get myself motivated, but I remain hopeful.


  1. So glad to hear your knee is holding up - even if it's doubling as a forecasting center. It will help the winter seem less dreary if you can move around better.

  2. I'm glad your knee is better. That's a huge relief.

    Doesn't living in snow country suck? That shoveling gives big calorie burns, but I noticed when I figured out the snow blower that I froze! Shoveling kept me warmer. Our blower is huge, too, and hard to manuver. And the cold--isn't it a bit early for us to be in this nasty cold stuff already?


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