Monday, December 21, 2009

OK, So Shoot Me

Yes, I know, I said I was done posting for a while. So Shoot Me!!! I lied. Besides, when you have a picture as cute as this one to share, how could I possibly resist the temptation to post a picture of my precious grandchildren.
Things have actually gone to hell in a hand basket since I last posted. Just plain ignored what I should be paying attention to. Was at the Dr.'s today for blood work, and did not like what his scales told me. Now, they are always 9# higher than my scales at home (and believe me, the ones at home are scary enough), so I was semi-prepared for a shock. I was not shocked, I was awed!!! I am not at all surprised, but I certainly am dismayed.
"Time has come, the Walrus said"....Yep, it is time to get my fat ass in gear and do something about this lethargy that has overcome me. I'll not procrastinate any longer. Now, today, right this moment, I'm beginning anew. I know what to do, I just need to jump start myself and "Get 'er done"!!! Have I now used enough cheesy quotes for this to count as a humorous post? Yes, I think so.
It occurs to me that I can't even make good on my promise to not post for a while, so how am I gonna do this whole livin' right thing? Hmmmmm. Good question. For one thing, I'm coming back to my blogging friends, reading their posts, and keeping my mind on the business at hand. I hope you'll forgive my foolish departure from the blogosphere. It was ill advised. I'll do a little penance as I ride my bike, and shovel what looks to be a substantial amount of snow on the way. So, I'm back, I lied, so shoot me. :)


  1. You WILL figure out a way--YOUR way--to "get 'er done." If for no other reason than those more-than-precious grandchildren to inspire and teach! Get ready to rock the new year!

  2. Hey, glad you're back. I find that blogging really keeps this journey bubbling on the front burner, even if I'm not always blogging specifically about my weight-loss journey.

    And btw, that is a very cute picture.

  3. Man, you have good looking grandkids! Glad to hear you're back on the "wagon"!!!! Yeah, mom!

  4. Oh goodie, you're back. It's so hard to stay away isn't it?

    Those are some mighty cute kids!!

  5. Welcome back!!! Great pic!

    "It occurs to me that I can't even make good on my promise to not post for a while, so how am I gonna do this whole livin' right thing? " day at a time!

  6. Great picture! Glad you're back and Jack is right. We need this even if it's not about weight loss. I know I do!

  7. Oh, I'm so glad you're back. I think Blogland is where we BOTH need to be, don't you? Thank you for the last comment you left...yes, let's get back at it. We know we'll be so much happier when we do, 'cause what we're doing now sure the hell isn't working, lol.

    Adorable grandbabies. :)

  8. Oh, those grandbabies are adorale! Those curls, that red hair! Thanks for sharing that!

    We are women and perfectly entitled to change our mind. So it's not about making good, it's about changing our mind! :-p~~~

    Get 'er done...I say that *a lot*

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas. When I checked this afternoon, we officially had 16 inches--but you know all about drifts. lol How much did you get?

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