Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Almost Forgot

Ok, so I can get some of the pictures, some of the time. Can't seem to get yesterday's bike ride to download....and I can't seem to get text above the pictures of my tomato planter. But I'm going with baby steps for now. In case you can't read today's bike ride numbers, it is 28.39 min. And that was after 18 holes of golf. As you can see, the first picture is of the still alive and kickin' tomatoes!!!
What I almost forgot was that yesterday was Weigh In Wednesday!!! Not that the numbers were so sterling I simply must tell the world about them, but it was a small loss, nonetheless. I lost .4#. I'm happy with any minus sign at this point. It at least shows progress on my part. I'm also pleased with myself. I'm not giving up when I am not as successful as I'd like, I keep from being hard on myself for my many little "slips", and I'm still tracking my food and staying on the program. My overall commitment stays high, and that certainly has not always been the case, so I have made progress is so many ways, that weight is just a part of the overall achievement.
The diet info the Dr. sent to me is kinda funny. It lists all of the things I committed to do back in March. No real "Must Do's" or "Oh For God Sakes Don't Do That" things on the list, so I guess I'll just keep on with what I'm doing. I do know from NutriMirror that I need to increase my fiber intake, so I'll make that change. I just read that Benefiber makes a little personal sized packet (like Crystal Lite & Lipton) of additives for bottled water. I'm getting some as soon as I find them, as I'd love to add them to my water on the golf course. I actually think using NutriMirror (thanks again, Suzi) will be a great tool for me going forward.
As for the Great Cardio Challenge, the phrase "Insurmountable Lead" is still appropriate. However, I have been so focused on the cardio, I have neglected my strength training and my stretching. I MUST get back to that with more determination. I am starting to feel my arms waving at people when I drive with the windows down. I don't think that's a good sign.


  1. Hi there, from over here! I read a comment you made, and I already had been reading your blog...NSV is "non scale victory" as in the scale didn't budge, but my pants are less snug...or at least I chose to NOT binge out today! Forgive my in advance if you already knew this.

  2. Hey, a loss is a loss and that is always good. Now you need to look for some NSVs (Non Scale Victories), lol!

  3. Check out those tomato plants...looks like they are going to reward you, V!

    And even if all we lost was 0.4 a week, we would be 20.8 pounds lighter every year, and that is certainly much better than the direction I was headed this time last year!


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