Monday, June 29, 2009

Drats!! Thwarted Again!

My brilliant plan to sit on the AC vent while playing with "The Pistol" and his new toys was thwarted by this sweet beast! This is Max, my grandpuppy and AC hog. He's hairy and is part Husky, so any cool place is his favorite hang out. He is just the sweetest dog, but because of him I never did get close to the cool air. Instead we were all outside on the deck watching "The Pistol" and his friends play with his new lawnmower bubble machine.
Just in case anyone wondered, I did stay away from the cake and ice cream, but managed to indulge in an adult beverage or two.....just to cool down, you understand. Purely for hydration, of course. You don't need to remind me that alcohol is dehydrating, I really do know that. I did manage to stay close to my caloric set point, but I did have a few oops. I don't think any major harm was done, but since I didn't exercise at all, it felt like I cheated more than I did.
While I was lounging about, The Perfect Child was on a mission to catch up on the cardio. In the heat of the desert, she went on an hour long hike!! Now, I can't decide if that was brave or stupid. (I'll opt for brave, cuz I'm a really great mom.) She asked for credit for the hike, which, of course, I granted. After all, she has been kind enough to cut me some slack on those occasions when I forget to photograph my many cardio accomplishments. (These are sadly lacking at the moment.)
What is it about the heat and humidity that instills a huge dose of lethargy into my being? I am becoming very complacent, and my motivation to exercise is at an all time low. I can get started, but sticking with it for any length of time seems to be a real struggle. I continue to try all of the motivational "tips" I've learned and heard of, but I still seem to lack the "ooomph" to really get down to business. I continue to track my food, and eat well, but the exercise portion of the event is kinda lagging behind. Speaking of lagging pants are getting looser!! See, that SHOULD motivate me to exercise more, knowing that good comes from the effort. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case at the moment.
Also, why is it that these "epiphanies" always seem to hit me on Mondays? Can't explain it. Are my weekends really that bad that I feel the need to beat myself up a bit? No, not really. I just don't get it.
Tomorrow is our "Bras for the Cause" pink ribbon golf tournament. Yes, golf again. I can hear the collective groan from the crowd. This is our annual golf tournament held to support not only Breast Cancer research, but also Women's health screenings, in general. Several golf clubs in the area participate, then in the fall there is a huge banquet with lavishly decorated bras being auctioned off. The winner of the "Breast in Show" bra last year was a "Candle-la-Bra". It was wonderful. Each year, a local store donates a plain bra and various organizations and businesses decorate them. Some turn out to be real works of art. Also, last year, Robin Roberts was the host for the banquet, so I'm hoping for someone wonderful again this year, too. It's a fun day, and luckily it isn't going to be oppressively hot tomorrow. I'll welcome the relief.


  1. I am so there with you on the heat thing. I feel like just getting through the day is exercise enough. Think cool thoughts. We can make it through the summer!

  2. I saw a bumper sticker - "Save the TaTa's"
    Old news to many, but "the girls" and I laughed our collective butts off!
    Stay cool!

  3. Hiking through the desert in the summer? You'll never find me there.

    Love the idea of the upcoming golf event. Sounds like a lot of fun and all for a good cause.

    Hope it cools down soon for you.

  4. He's a pretty boy, that's for sure!!!

    I've never understood the concept of alcohol being's liquid. I refuse to believe it!!!! lol

  5. I know the feeling, the heat just drains you. Good luck with the golf tournement. I have a neice dealing with Breast cancer now. So your cause is very close to my heart.

  6. The summer lethargy is definitely hitting me, too. My behind is also doing some lagging, but not in a good way. Have fun at the golf tournament and remember - if there's juice in your cocktail, it's a healthy drink. :)

  7. Yeah, me too V. I just can not get motivated to workout lately. The only silver lining, is it is too hot to do much cooking.

    Max just looks like such a sweetheart. I think I'm in love...


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