Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well I'll Be "Durned"!!

Weigh in Wednesday brought a lovely surprise today. I was down .6 !! Imagine my total and utter amazement! I'm quite sure it was my choice of the whole wheat bun on my hamburger Sunday evening. :)

I'm thinking it could be a result of all the golf, or the additional strength training I've been getting back to recently. Who knows?? I lost, and that's just dandy. I do have to remember that I cannot afford to eat like a moron on a regular basis and still continue to have good fortune follow me. I must re-double my efforts to eat like a grown up and stay on the healthy path I've tried to set for myself.

Speaking of my strength training.....I am typing this blog post with my nose!!! Every muscle in my upper body (arms in particular) ache and scream "Leave me the hell alone!!". I might have jumped up to my old weight amounts just a bit too soon. OUCH!! Just try to hold down the shift key with your ear while you type with your ain't easy!!! Hard to imagine that just a few short weeks away from it could put me in such disarray, but it sure did.

I am on a mission today. After reading the morning paper and finding an article about chia seeds, I'm off to find some in our little burg. There are two health markets, so I'm hopeful. There was mention of the benefits in lowering blood sugar, so since that is my new concern, I'm off to remedy my problem. I put my liver back into the "pink", so to speak, so on to other issues. At the moment, my slightly elevated blood sugar level is my primary focus, SOOOO, chia seeds it will be!! Wonder if after eating them for a while, I'll have to shave more often? And will the hair be green??? These are things I'll ask at the Health Market. Inquiring minds, and all that, don't ya know?


  1. Yay for the loss!! Let us know how you like the Chia seeds...I'm strangely fascinated.

  2. Whoa!! That's great V!! I don' t think you are eating as bad as you are just more aware.

    I have heard of these chia seeds, but never seen them around here. Can't wait to hear what you find.

    I keep having a desire to see if I can type with my nose.....z45,/;.' what that means?

  3. Kudos to you (not the candy snack that poses as a granola bar)! Why oh why is your dedication to eating well and exercising not hereditary? I'm starting to feel like I need a babysitter who will monitor my every move. What the heck are chia seeds? Did you know that there is a Barack Obama Chia Head? I think you should get it. :)

  4. I *knew* that wheat bun was going to pay off! :)

    Way to go!


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