Monday, August 16, 2010

Yoo Hoo, Am I Out There?

Seems like ages since I've set down and composed a post for my blog. Suppose that could be because I've not been busy doing very much. Knee, back and hip are doing quite nicely considering I am an old fart. Rain, rain, and more rain has kept me off the golf course, so my exercise has been largely confined to the recumbent bike. I really have no problem with that except that I prefer an outdoor activity.

A post without mentioning another injury is like a day without sunshine. Well, actually I have 3 new ones to report. Last week I had 2 squamous cell spots removed on my right hand. They were located in very odd spots, and the Dr. said he'd never seen them between fingers before. Leave it to me!! Typing has been a challenge with all the bandages. They are smaller now, so I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. The third oddity occurred last night. I opened the drop leaf to my desk and the old calculator slid out and dropped, corner first, right on my big toe. A slight yelp of "ouch" and I thought nothing of it. When I went upstairs to go to bed, I had quite a lovely bruise. Well, "ouch" indeed. This morning I awoke to a really swollen and bruised big toe. A little ice and a little elevation of the foot, and only the bruise remains. But, really, what a stupid accident. Only I could do something so blatantly dumb.

It's State Fair time again, but I am not succumbing to the temptation of the pork chop on a stick.
The heat and humidity might also play a small part in my willingness to forgo the lure of multiple new foods on a stick. I'll stay at home and enjoy the fresh and delicious tomatoes that everyone, but me, has been growing. My efforts at tomato farming have yielded exactly 2 regular sized tomatoes and 6 cherry tomatoes. Pitiful, I admit. However, my peppers are going nuts!! That, and my herbs, have been doing well. My upside down tomato thingy hasn't proven to be the wonder of nature I was promised. I had much better luck last year. Lucky for me I have my CSA and several friends providing lovely produce.

On a very proud note, my granddaughter (age 6) completed her first 1 mile fun run in 13 min. 11 sec.!!!! I am so proud of her. The Primary Child (her father) did the 5K just prior to her run, then ran with her. Very cool.


  1. No matter how I try, I can't seem to get pictures in the right place at the right time. Drats!

  2. I always suspected those upside down tomato thingies were a crock of you know what, lol....and porkchops on a stick...yum! I am such a swine lover. :)

  3. I think you and I are just klutzy, which is not the same as dumb. In fact, it's possible that we are TOO cerebral, always thinking far beyond the mundane. (does that explanation work as well for you as it does for me?)

    Hope the toe continues to improve! And the fingers!

  4. You're a mess :) Hope you feel better soon (oh and that the rain stops and it cools off too!)

  5. Good luck with the toe and healing wounds on the hand! Just least you have interesting injuries to talk about and not just a boring paper cut!

  6. Just checking in - I miss you, VRaz!
    Hope all is well.

  7. I like the picture -- clearly exercise runs in the family :)


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