Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mental Check Up

I'm pretty sure that's exactly what I may need. I've had insomnia lately (nothing new), but my thoughts have been turning to what it is going to take for me to have the defining "AHA Moment"? I've had minor moments, and pay attention.....for a while. While lying awake at night this week, I've come up with a myriad of great reasons to get my act together once and for all.

A few months ago, I realized my children have never seen me in any other state than fatness. That should have done it, right? It did, for a while. Since then, I've thought about having some sort of accident that would require EMT's to lift me onto a gurney. Could they do it? Yes, I'm sure they could, but it would be embarrassing, I'm sure. I am not fixated, by any means, on having any accidents or health problems, but I'm just considering the problems that could possibly arise as I age. Last night's thought for the night was about my post op recovery. What if, after getting my new knee, I still have the sciatica and hip pain? What if it wasn't just a result of the odd walking gait I now employ? I've been told it is, but maybe the weight has played a part as well. Along with that, what if I cause the health insurance rates we pay to go up due to my inability to keep my blood pressure and cholesterol under control. I do have them in very good shape, so it is not an immediate concern.....but at 3:30 in the morning, it's something I ponder. My new concern this morning is flying. I love to fly, but what if pretty soon I have to ask for the seat belt extension? A lady across the aisle from me on one flight had to ask, and I could sense her embarrassment. I don't want to be that woman. I want to travel, and be able to do so comfortably.

Any of these moments, taken by themselves, should be a call to action. So, why is it that I remain half-assed in my efforts? I am lightening up and improving our eating habits, but that alone, ain't gonna do it. I can do easy exercise, which I do, but not enough to be considered a cardio workout. I guess my best effort has been in changing our diet. We eat healthier, lighter meals, and we do watch the calories, but I know that alone isn't going to make a huge difference. I have pledged to include more grains and legumes, for fiber, in our winter diet. I am hoping that's gonna move me to action. (Not the kind you're thinking of when you hear "fiber".)

AHA!! I am hoping against hope, this is it!!!


  1. Sometimes I wonder if I would have started my diet,
    If I had not been trapped in the Grand Canyon....
    I can honestly say..... "NO" at worst, or a definite "Maybe."
    It's soooo hard. So very hard.
    What does it take to get us to change?
    If we knew that, we'd know everything!
    (To quote Olive Oyl)

  2. I've made the same pledge. I might even cook a lentil or two. :)

    don't worry so much. You'll figure it out!

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