Saturday, December 18, 2010

Not Quite Done Braggin'

Had my first post-op Dr.'s appointment yesterday afternoon. I was feeling very good about my progress, but you know how Doctors can be. I went in with tempered enthusiasm for what I believed to be remarkable progress. I am extremely happy to report that my enthusiasm was not misplaced! I am a medical miracle! Ok, that might be a slight overstatement, but I'm pretty dad-gummed good.

The Dr., first of all, complimented his handiwork by bragging about my incision. I was glued shut, not stapled,so the wound looks really nice. I reminded him that it was my knee, my skin, and my fantastic healing ability that is making him look good....and what kind of discount do I get for that? No surprise, no discount!

I did my best strut around the room for him so he could see my knee bend. I passed that with flying colors, too. So, my reward?? No crutches!!! I can navigate around the house without benefit of crutches. I am to use one crutch or a cane when I go out and about, at least for the next two weeks. Dr. Was very impressed with the angle of bend I have achieved in only two weeks. So much so, that I will be requiring no further physical therapy! I am to continue everything I have been doing, and add other exercises as I feel stronger.

One small driving until after the first of the year. Guess my friends will be getting bigger Christmas gifts as bribes to schlep me around a little while linger.

Ok, I am now officially done bragging about my amazing least for now! :)

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  1. Yay - Brag on and on.... it;s wonderful to hear from you....
    And such good news, too!


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