Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hey, Buddy Can You Spare A Joint?

No, not that kind of joint....although it might be a good idea eventually. I've just come from the Orthopod's office. I have NO cartilage whatsoever in my right knee. I used to have some, I'm pretty sure, but it has flown the coop. Nothing, even behind my kneecap, where I know there used to be a small dab hiding. Dr. said it's no wonder my knee feels lousy. Even IF I wanted to have the surgery, which is now inevitable, I'd have to wait 7 months for an opening. Ok by me. In the meantime, we'll try cortisone every 3-4 months until I can't stand it anymore, then schedule the replacement. I have had wonderful luck with my first replacement, so I'm not at all hesitant to do it again, I just would like to postpone it until walking around is really, really so painful I have no other choice. Right now, I think I can get by with the cortisone. I had my first injection today, so I've already begun counting the days until my next shot.

I have been given a list of no-no's in regard to my exercising. Some things I've already either quit doing, or modified, but some others I'm going to have to alter a bit. No weight bearing exercises unless I use the physio-ball to sit on. No weights over 8#. No squats, but a slight "dip" is permissible. No "slogging" or slow jogging, no jumping, and no climbing. Other than an occasional "slog" the other two things weren't in my plan anyway. Easy on the stretching, and when I stretch be extra careful not to "bounce" when trying to stretch out the leg. Also, no power if!!! Unfortunately, nothing about vacuuming and cleaning toilets was mentioned.....although when I relate the details to Hubby Dearest, they might make the final list of no-no's. And Kids, no tattling to your father, or Christmas might be pretty bleak this year. :)

My plans for the 5K at Thanksgiving have been altered slightly. I'll now have to walk the entire thing instead of a moment of slogging now and then. The Perfect Child has graciously consented, I think, to hold dinner until I get done. I'm hopeful I won't cause the turkey to burn.

All things considered, I got exactly the news I expected, although I was hoping that the surgery option was going to be a bit further into the future. I'm still going to try and hold out as long as possible, but if doing that interferes with my golf game, I'll go get the new knee in a heartbeat.


  1. I am sorry for your rotten knee problems though I must admit you have a great delivery-- made me chuckle. TKR is a PITA but it does work. Best of luck babying the knee.

  2. I hope it's a while till you need the replacement! Then again we don't want your golf to suffer :=)

  3. Sorry about your poor knee. I hope the cortisone helps for a while. Glad you can keep doing some exercise though and obviously golfing is acceptable!

  4. Dammit, I was hoping it wasn't going to be so soon, but I like the idea of the cortisone for the time-being.

    Definitely put all housework on the list of don'ts and golf must go high on the essential therapeutic list.

  5. No cartilage???? Yikes!!! So sorry to hear that girl...make sure you follow the dr's tips on the exercise! At least you've got the cortisone for now.

  6. Sorry to hear about the knee. I wish you luck in holding off until you can get an opening for the surgery. Your in my thoughts!!!!


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