Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Been Almost A Week

Yes, tomorrow will mark the one week anniversary of my injection of cortisone. I know everyone has been keeping track of the days, and you are all anxiously awaiting the verdict. I am ever so happy to report that, as of today, the pain is gone and my knee feels better than it has in quite some time. The question remains, however, how long this relief will last. At the moment, I am delighted with the result, and if I can get even a few weeks of feeling this good, I'll be a happy camper.

Even with this happy turn of events, I am losing steam in my journey. I'm making little to no progress, and I'm starting to feel myself caring less and less. Blogging helps keep me at least a bit on track, but I still don't have that over powering urge to succeed anymore. I'm not gaining weight, but I'm not losing, either. Just kinda hangin' around doin' nothing. Boring, I know, but I kinda really don't care. This is NOT good news. I am usually better at sticking with something than this. I think this problem might be genetic. The Primary Child has said he's kinda backing off his blog about running, and The Perfect Child isn't into this anymore, either.

My Halloween Challenge is probably going to be a major bust, unless I can lose 4# by the 31st. Doesn't look promising at this point. I do have something to look forward to this week!! Our 5 yr. old granddaughter has two days off from school and I'm going to pick her up tonight and bring her here for a visit. I always enjoy, she will keep me moving, so maybe that will prompt me to action again. I hope something does. I really don't like feeling so down and negative about all of this. I think it probably best that I finish this post for the day, so I won't bore you all to the point of no return.


  1. So glad the cortisone has helped, am dreading my visit tomorrow :(, but looking forward to the pain free bit!

    Hope it lasts for ages for you and you get your mojo back. Maybe now that you don't hurt, you will be able to get moving again.

    Enjoy your GD visit!

  2. I've been using Gluclosamine for my terrible arthritis in my ankle. It has helped me with my joint pain a lot! Not too sure if you have tried that too.

    Less pain is always good.

    sorry that you are feeling blah. It happens But we are all here still reading... :)

  3. Glad the cortizone is helping. That's probably what has had you down. That grand daughter of your will whip you back into shape. For the record, I'm 3 shy of Halloween. Why don't we make the ponds we didn't lose or goal for Thanksgiving? Have fun with the Grand.

  4. So glad the knee is feeling better. I can definitely relate as to the mojo - mine is missing too. We'll get there - don't give up!!

  5. Glad the knee is feeling better, hope it remains pain free. And don't worry too much about the loss of steam as it were. I think we all lose our mojo from time to time.
    Have a great visit with the GD!:-)

  6. Happy to hear the cortisone helps. I am hoping for my MIL. Enjoy your little one. I get your wanting to back away if you're not feeling it, but I would do a bit of soul searching first. Maybe review your reasons and make a conscious decision rather than just backing into it.

  7. Thank you for the note in my blog. I'm happy the cortisone is helping you! I've had one of those shots in the past and it was a great help. I also was on cortisone for years for my eczema, so glad it exists. I fear the times when my motivation is just GONE. It always happens eventually. I hope when it happens this time, I can just continue with my routine and not feel the need to totally obliterate the hard-won progress I've made.

  8. Oh no you don't!!!! Don't you dare give up!! Get back in the game girl...we're all rooting for're never alone on this KNOW that!! Your knee could have been the I'm so glad to hear the cortisone is just guide your mind back to the right place, strap those blinders on, and write that next post!!! I'll be waiting!!! :)


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