Monday, October 19, 2009

Tailgate Success Story!!!

Yes, folks, I did navigate my way through the tailgate this weekend with little, or no difficulty. As you can see, the tent was up early, and a few friends began mingling around, so I snapped this photo before I forgot. Then as people began to gather, out came the food. What you can't see is the turkey breast, which went very rapidly, and about 1/2 of the meatballs are already gone. My introducing healthy fare had no detrimental effect on the participants whatsoever!! Although, get 'em all liquored up and they would probably eat a cow pie if it had BBQ sauce on it. Just sayin'. But for those who really didn't care if the food was healthy or not, I did have our Pizza Bread (kinda copied from Johnny's Italian Steak House), my famous Pepper Dip & Pretzels, Chocolate Chip Cookies, M & M's, Skittles, Combos and assorted other chips and stuff. I refrained from all of the "other stuff" with the exception of two pretzels with my pepper dip on them. I walked those off just getting to the stadium, I am quite sure.

I would like to thank 266 for a blog award, but as we all know my techno skills are such that no matter what I tried, I could not for the life of me get the award picture posted. I have also forgotten some of what I am supposed to do after receiving the award. I know I was supposed to link to her blog, so I managed that. I think I'm supposed to come up with 6 things that might be interesting about myself. Now that's a tough one. I really have only about 4 1/2 things about myself that are interesting. I'll fake the other 1 1/2, I guess.
1. I love reading and doing crosswords.
2. I love the smell of a bookstore and a library, I find being around books very comforting.
3. I am old, and forget which of my children is which. Last post I said it was the Primary Child that signed me up for the 5K in Phoenix, it was, in fact, the Perfect Child. It's easy to confuse them- one is a tall, red haired male and the other a dark haired female. See how easily I'm confused???
4. I really, really, really hate exercising on a regular basis. I have not yet had those "I gotta do it" endorphins kick in yet.
1/2 I could be a mole. Not a spy, a really life rodent mole. I don't seem to object to living in a dark house. Lights are strictly optional to me. Although I do love the sunshine. Hubby Dearest, gets so perturbed at me for reading the paper without light. Doesn't seem to bother me in the least. Lest you think I am conserving energy, I'm not doing it consciously. I've always had lights off around the house.
I guess the last 1 1/2 things about me that are not even remotely interesting is that I really love golf, and hate it when the season begins to come to a close. I get a bit "misty eyed" at the prospect of days on end without golf.....which is on some occasions, my only exercise for the day.
Now, I'm sure I'm supposed to award this blogging badge to others, but since I can't seem to get my badge on my own blog, I'd be forced to ask all my blogster friends to wander about looking for the badge. However, EVERYONE, I award you this wonderful honor. I truly do love all the blogs I read. I try to comment as often as I can and be as positive as I can. You ALL do the same for me, and I appreciate it to no end. You are a community of wonderful, caring people, and I am so grateful to the Perfect Child for suggesting I begin blogging, and to the Primary Child who was already a blogger, and taught me where to go to begin blogging and how to do it. Now, if someone could just update my blogging skills, I'd really be all set, wouldn't I? Thank you ALL again.
P.S. I think I got the kids in the right order this time. :)


  1. You did good and definitely those pretzels are negated by the walking.

    I must admit to getting my kids muddled too - and I only have one!

  2. Way to go on outsmarting the tailgate dilemma. And the mixed-up kids - I too only have one but occasionally call him Scooby.

  3. What's wrong with cowpie and bbq sauce? :D

    Glad you had a successful tailgating party. Good for you!


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