Wednesday, November 11, 2009

That Was The Week That Was!

Holy Cow!! I've never dreaded Weigh In Wednesday like I dreaded this one! After almost a week of debauchery I felt sure I'd be breaking my scales. Last week, The Perfect Child and her roommate came for a visit. The sojourn included a big tailgate weekend with her brother, The Primary Child, and about 16 of our closest tailgate buddies. We did a Mexican Fiesta themed tailgate. I was at death's door with a cold, so luckily I had help in the preparation department. Thank goodness, or we'd have starved. Prior to game day, we squeezed in a couple of rounds of golf, some adult beverages, some free chili and beer, and various and sundry food stuffs that I know are not on anyone's approved list. "Feed a fever, starve a cold"??? I think not. I did the complete opposite. However, it was totally worth it, as everyone had a wonderful time. The visit was not long enough, but we'll be going to Phoenix for Thanksgiving, so we'll have more time to spend together then. This was the week that was. I was prepared for an ugly Wednesday morning.

To say I was surprised this morning when I weighed in would be a complete understatement. I was exactly the same as when I began the week!!! I truly had been anticipating an extra pound or two, or three, to appear before me this morning. Imagine my delight at seeing the same number as last week. Not usually a pleasant sight, but after The Week That Was, it was a sight for sore eyes, knees, back, legs, etc.

Since my Halloween Challenge did not turn out nearly as well as I had hoped, I have extended it to Thanksgiving and added the pounds that did not magically disappear in Oct., to the 5 more I hope to lose by Thanksgiving. I am hopeful that having stayed at the same weight over the last week will enable me to give this Challenge a real run for it's money. My knee is still ok, although I've found that golf tires it out a bit and makes it sore for a little while afterwards. THAT is not good news. Still, it's better than it was, so that IS good news.

Having been busy nursing my cold and entertaining last week, I've fallen woefully behind on both my blogging and my blog reading. I'm hoping to catch up with everyone in the next day or so. I miss reading all of your blogs, so I'm going to dedicate extra time in the next few days to getting current with everyone.


  1. Glad you're back - and no worse for the wear! Way to go. Yep - I'm with you about pushing back that challenge goal. We'll get there.

  2. Gratz on the steady weight! Sounds like you have a lovely busy social life. How's the knee?

  3. Congratulations on maintaining! What a nice surprise!

  4. That was a great result, hope you are feeling better?

    Here's to a good loss next timne:0)


  5. Hope you are feeling better!

    Yay for the maintain! Some weeks a maintain is a bigger victory than a week where you have a loss! (ok, that doesn't sound right...but you know what I mean I'm sure!)

  6. I measured this week, and it was smaller. The number, like yours, didn't change. I think I'm pressuring myself to much.

  7. I’m finally trying to catch up!!! Glad to know that your knee is doing better… that’s great news and I hope it continues to stay that way. Sorry you were feeling a bit like you were losing steam, but I am pleased that you are rededicating yourself to the journey now. Sometimes we just need a little break, but now – with your new goals – I know that you can do this. Stick with the blogging as much as you are able since you noted in your last post that it helps to keep you on track. Glad your weigh-in was a steady one that left you feeling so happy!!!

  8. So glad you're feeling better!


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