Tuesday, November 17, 2009

To B-complex Or Not To B-complex?

That is the question. At lunch with friends yesterday, we discussed the supplements we were currently taking. The group ranges in age from 26 to 63, so we all had different needs and requirements. And before you ask, I am not the 63 year old.....yet!! Give me time. (3 yrs.) I asked if anyone had a great idea for someone (me) who is suffering from lethargy and has no energy. Everyone (there were 7 of us) said that a B-complex vitamin supplement would be just the thing. So now, before I rush out to get the magic potion, I am asking my blogger friends to weigh in on this important issue. Do I rush out and get a bottle of these little beauties, or do I simply rely on my multi vitamin and its dose of B vitamins to do the trick? Whaddaya think, people?

I would also welcome any other advice you all may have. I am just plain stuck!!! I don't want to do anything beyond what is absolutely necessary. I don't actually sit around all day, but getting my butt in gear is a major effort. I need a boost of some sort. Helpful hints are accepted happily, and I'd be willing to try almost anything.

Next Tuesday we leave for Phoenix, and Thanksgiving with our daughter, The Perfect Child. I'm doing the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day come hell or high water. It's a 5K which I had planned to "slog", but since the Dr. ruled that out, I'll be walking the course. I am very hopeful I'll complete the Trot before Thanksgiving dinner is served. Our daughter has assured me that she can drive home, get the turkey on, and get back to pick me up if it takes me more than 4 hrs. to complete my "run". :) I'm really just doing this for the T-shirt. Hope it isn't too dark when I finish so I can take a picture of me in my spiffy new shirt. The race starts quite early in the morning, so I am hopeful. Even with my lethargy, I have been doing some recumbent bike riding to keep my knee moving. I may progress to the "dreadmill", but to tell you the truth, I like sitting down while I exercise. :) Ahhhhhhh! Perhaps it isn't lethargy so much as it is just plain old fashioned laziness. But don't you agree, lethargy sounds better?


  1. Geez! What some folks will do for a free t-shirt...

    Have a great trip!

  2. I take B12 because it is anti-inflammatory (for my MS) but don't know much about the other varieties of B. Share what you find out. As far as a boost in energy, try green tea supplements or drink green tea. It gives a boost to the metabolism and perks me up in the mornings (I'm not a coffee drinker, so I can use the morning boost.)

  3. I don't know much about the B vitamins. I take a multi as a 'just in case', but beyond that I haven't explored.

    For me, yoga is a big energy booster. Even just a few poses gets my blood pumping in a good way.

  4. Good luck on the trot!

    I take iron and a probiotic. I've been slacking off on my fish oil lately. Once in a while I pop a multivit. Have you had your B12 checked?

  5. Very cool about doing the Turkey Trot! That's a fabulous way to celebrate Thanksgiving :)

    One thing that's helped me with my energy levels is a "go light" - they have a similar one at Costco. You sit in front of it, and it helps your body by mimicking full spectrum sunlight. It takes a couple of weeks to notice a difference, but it absolutely helps, especially with the shorter days.

  6. Hi, hope you don't mind a newbie weighing in. Are you a coffee drinker? Caffeine can play games with the body and leave me feeling sluggish when I don't have it. Do you get plenty of protein throughout the day? That could effect your energy.


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