Friday, November 13, 2009

It's My Lucky Day!!!

Yes, it is true, Friday, November 13 is my lucky day!! Actually, any November 13 is one of my lucky days. This year it just happens to fall on a Friday. Today is The Perfect Child's 33rd birthday!! It was one of the three luckiest days in my life!! Of course the other two are July 3, the day I was married, and September 15, the birth date of The Primary Child. Geez!! Just typing the number 33 made me feel extremely old. UGH!

After the last week of being carefree and not worrying at all about my food intake, I'm back on track. My exercise routine leaves something to be desired, but I'm doing a little bit more each day. Even tho' my knee is feeling pretty darned good, I'm taking it easy on the leg "stuff". I want to be in good shape, knee-wise, to walk the 5K Turkey Trot in Phoenix Thanksgiving morning. In order to do that, I've put a moratorium on golf for the duration of the time we'll be here in DM. We have golf plans for Phoenix as well as the Turkey Trot, so I'm trying my best to be ready for both. Luckily, the weather is turning a bit colder and wetter in the near future, so I don't think it is going to be a huge sacrifice to stay away from golf for 11 days. I don't mind coming home a bit hobbled, but I'd hate to be a party pooper in Phoenix.

My cold is in the last stages, so I'm feeling a bit more like being out and about. I'm almost out of apples, so a grocery trip is on tap for today. I've been consumed with lethargy lately, so the cupboard, fresh fruit and veggie-wise, is kinda bare. Can't stay on track if the food isn't readily available. I've found that out the hard way. Cheetos are not a good substitute for apples and pears. I know that, but chose to eat some Cheetos anyway!!! They are the work of the Devil. I even choose the baked variety, but's just plain dumb to eat them mindlessly. Not going to buy a bag this shopping trip, no matter how hard Hubby Dearest begs. :)

Happy Friday the 13th to all!! Hope you all are as lucky as I am!!! Enjoy the weekend.


  1. Hey, I'll take any Friday, be it on the 13th or not.

    Happy bday to your little guy!

  2. Cheeto's are not the devil...mindless eating is. OK OK OK...I can't do the cheeto thing because once I start I can't stop. :-)

  3. Mmmm, cheetos. Satan's little yellow/orange helpers. :) Good for you for just saying no.

  4. I consider it a feat worthy of Samson when I pass by the Cheetos and a bag doesn't make it into my cart. ;-)

    My baby turns 20 on the 28th, so November is a good month.


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