Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It Ain't Sauerkraut, But....

Realizing the work that goes into making sauerkraut, this doesn't rank up there in that category. However, I did marshal up all of my inner Martha Stewart and dehydrate my wonderful tomato crop as well as the two lovely Ancho peppers I produced. I now have about 2T of Ancho Pepper Powder ready for use. Nine hours of waiting and hoping, and all I got was 2 measly tablespoons. I'm going to have to choose my use very carefully. Unfortunately, the plant shows absolutely no signs of producing another pepper at this time. It looks healthy and is still perky as the dickens, just blossom free. Luckily, my other pepper plants look like they are going to provide me with some fine specimens.

Today was Weigh In Wednesday, and I am afraid that my soireè at the fair may have finally caught up with me. The good news is that the plateau has been broken, the bad news is that it was broken by going up 1.7# this week. I do realize that with my knee in my brace some of my exercises might not be quite as vigorous, but I was still hoping that at least by moving about, I'd stay at the plateau until I could bust through it. Damn!! My wonderful, cool new shoes were supposed to help, too, but I don't know if that's happening either. However, I do wear the shoes whenever I am going to be walking anywhere, so perhaps eventually they will be of some assistance. I shall not be defeated by this setback, I will make adjustments where I can, and continue the fight.....albeit at a slightly slower pace. I suppose now I will be the tortoise in this race, rather than the hare I had such high hopes of being. Double Damn!!


  1. In weight loss....slower is better anyway!

    Sorry, but I had to laugh at your Ancho Pepper Powder story. One year I decided to do beets. We grew just a small batch of them....testing the waters so to speak. The time came and we picked them. I carefully followed the directions to prep them for canning and all that good stuff. I pulled out the jars and after a few hours of boiling and peeling and working on these darn beets I had them canned. ONE STINKING JAR! All that work for one stinkin' jar! So I can feel your pain!

  2. You cant beat yourself up over are injured let it go and like you said continue on the good fight!! You will be the hare again before you know it and you will cross that finish line even if you dont become the hare...But you will, I know you will!!! Cause you cant keep a determined woman down!!!

  3. Wow, I've never dried anything like that. You will have to treat it like gold!!

    Sometimes when I was in process of losing all my weight, those plateaus would break by going up, and then swinging down rather quickly! I hope that is what you experience!

  4. The tortoise wins the race. No need in getting in a hurry. It will happen. Slow and steady wins the race. Who ever said you have to be first anyways.

  5. Ancho - too hot for my poor self.
    Atkins calls that "Macho Ancho"

  6. I have complete faith in you and your continued success. The pace has nothing to do with it!

  7. Wow, Martha would be proud. And I am going to have to copy you now and dry some peppers. :-)
    I would have gained 42 pounds at the fair, so I think you should be thrilled with a small gain that got the scale moving again,

  8. Don't sweat the gain too much, just make adjustments as you said and you will do great long term! Hope the knee is better soon!

  9. I'm stuck in the same 2 pound zone and it's driving me crazy. Am doing more good than bad but it's just not going away like earlier this year. Stay with it - it'll happen for you.


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