Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Little Susie Homemaker

I thought I'd best be for posting these wonderful pictures as soon as I could, if for no other reason than to get the ridiculously long gap between my last post and the comment button off the blogsite. Not exactly sure what happened there, but it was aggravating to say the least. Made me feel stupid, besides. :(

Saturday, I spent the afternoon (I was supposed to be golfing, but that's another story) being Little Susie Homemaker. I made a double batch of pepper jelly and a double batch of pepper relish. I had so many peppers in the fridge I had to do something!!! This is not the same problem as having too many kohlrabi, however. :) The peppers were of both the sweet and hot varieties, and both of my creations are quite tasty. I realize it isn't rocket science.....or sauerkraut....but it was a big deal for me. 'Sides, it was kinda fun.
The Dinner Challenge with the Perfect Child is going quite nicely. She is doing some very nice and creative cooking. I am even contemplating stealing one of her salad ideas and using it myself. Now that I've had success with eggplant, I'm going to try and interject a chickpea or two into a meal for Hubby Dearest...a.k.a. The Pickiest Eater in the World. I probably shouldn't be so hard on him because he has been pretty good about trying new things lately. But then, I also know what absolutely, positively NOT to feed him, too.
Went out for a short walk yesterday without my knee brace. I'm trying to build up the surrounding muscles and "stuff" so that perhaps I can get by a few more years without surgery. It went well, and I had no awful effects from the stroll. However, it did rather depress me that on my stroll/walk I don't have wonderfully beautiful things to photograph like so many of you do. Maybe that's why walking "in my hood" is always such a chore. But then it seems kinda silly to drive to a spot that's prettier, just so I can walk in a scenic area. I don't think I'd walk longer, faster or better if I liked my surroundings more, I think I just want to be able to post pretty pictures. :) Even tho' I cannot figure out the whole picture posting thing correctly half the time.
Well, speaking of pictures, I'm gonna hit "Publish Post" now and hope like hell that the pictures align on the left side as I'd planned. If not, sorry 'bout that. I'll keep trying. Maybe sometime soon my five year old granddaughter can teach me how to do it right.


  1. lol...Makes me feel stupid that I didn't keep scrolling to find the comment! Good grief.

    Susie Homemaker I am not, I'm envious of what you have done! My hubby would enjoy it, for sure.

    I usually walk in my neighborhood or drive to the park (about six blocks away) and venture out from there. Sometimes I go to the walking trail that is very pretty. I don't take the camera, but I do really enjoy walking in the beauty. I don't do it often, but perhaps I should.

    I'm glad the walk went well for you. Hope you can build the muscles up and get things a little stronger.

    Now, I'm off to takea a Xanax and curl up into a ball and melt away because of your comment--Just kidding! lol You have a funny sense of humor--and I do, too. And really, when I have to pick a set number, it bothers me, because I don't read blogs I don't like. That's the bad thing about memes and awards, IMHO.

    We're going to the county fair this week, and I'm secretly hoping they have those roast shakes. lol

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I put your name up for an award on my site! Keep up the great work!

  3. V, you just don't give yourself enough credit! I have never made either of those, but would love to do so. Are you happy with the results? Now I want to come live near you!! Maybe we should meet half way...where would that be?

    Now I am off to 266's blog as I meant to do several days ago...

  4. What, it wasn't something I did on my own computer. I in my infinite..well in just being me somehow figured that I had done something on my screen to make that gap. ~~slaps hand against forehead~~

    Pepper relish and pepper jelly...YUMMY!

  5. Glad you managed to get in a walk. I do have pretty things to look at, but even that gets old after a while. Glad the eating challenge is going well.


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