Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Lovely Blog??? Who Knew?

Why, oh why, can I not make my pictures save properly? Damn.

At any rate, thank you to my new blogging buddy at 266 for giving me the Lovely Blog Award. It was so very thoughtful of you. Now I must, as the rules state, say something nice about the donor, and pick 15 blogs of note, ones that I frequent and really enjoy. Well, of course, you've read all about the dilemma that this creates and the anxiety that goes with it, so I'll not go into all of that. I'll just try to pick 15 of my blog buddies that perhaps haven't been picked thus far. First order of business, to say something nice about the donor. 266 is a new blogger and I am enjoying her entries very much.
And Now...The list: and in no particular order, as they say on "Dancing With The Stars"....
1. Patty at both Abneylane and Fit by My 50th.
2. Amy at FattieMcButterpants
3. Mary Fran at New Start
4. Jill at Sassy Pear
5. June at MammaBears Health
6. Cammy at Tippy Toe...that's just so obvious I almost didn't include it :)
7. Suzi at Spunky Suzi....with Get Well Greetings
8. Vee at Vee's getting healthy
9. Dutch at myupsdownsofevrydaylife
10. Anne at Carb Tripper
11. Jo at 282.5 ....simply because she left me out and I want to annoy her
12. Sheilagh at slimsexysassysixty....cuz we share the same age issues
13. Gigi at Chunky Monkey Mama...probably another repeat, but who cares?
14. Karen at Fitcetera.....I'm on a repeat roll here, aren't I?
15. Teresa at 40 is the new 30

There you have it. I do feel a disclaimer is in order, however. There are many, many blogs out there that I enjoy. These are but a few who have been kind enough to encourage me on my health journey. I consider all of my bloggin' buddies to be real friends and are constant sources of inspiration to me. Thank you one and all. Enough mush, right?

Rain has postponed my walk this morning, but I'm expecting clearing this afternoon, so hopefully I'll get my walk in then. Weigh In Wednesday brought no changes, good or bad, so I guess after the State Fair and all the goodies I should be delighted. So, ok, I am.


  1. You have so made my day!!!
    Two awards in one day, me who never wins anything..LOL

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog too. I think it is great that there is this wonderful support system we have in Blogland.

    Some amazing people and stories.

    And Awards...LOL

    Thank you again, I am in total shock.



  2. Congrats! I'm reading along, and I sprayed my Diet Sierra Mist! You didn't annoy me, you made me laugh. When I saw you got the award (I knew you would!) I started trying to think of a funny comment to leave you, but I just can't come up with've aced me.

    I bow to you, you have a better sense of humor than I do. (Of course three days later I may come up with a good comeback! lol)

    And, well, thank you. lol

  3. Hi there! Thanks for commenting on my blog yesterday....I love meeting new bloggers!! I signed up as a follower on your blog. I absolutely adore your profile statement,lol. Sounds like you have a terrific sense of humor....looking forward to following your success! :)

  4. Thanks so much, though I don't have a clue how all that works. LOL I'm like you, I do good to get a picture up. You thank me for the encouragement, yet you are such a big part of my support group here in blogville. I thank you for your encouragement, and appreciate all the advice and comments that you send my way.

  5. Verleen! thank you so much for this award!!
    I'm embarrassed that I missed the shout out :(


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