Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Confuscious Say...

"Never enter into Biggest Loser contest with man who is just beginning his diet". Contrary to good sense, I have done just that. A family friend, 37 yrs. old, and I have embarked on a Biggest Loser type contest. He wants to lose weight before his vacation in Aug., and I am just continuing what I've already started. This ain't gonna be fair, I already know that!

First, as we all know the deck is stacked against me just for being a female. Second, I've been working on this a while so my initial big loss is behind me, he is just beginning. Third, he has just discovered FIBER, so his first week will probably be a very nice, big loss. I'll be happy getting my 1#. (There goes my "touchy-feely" diet, I'm gonna have to file reports.) I'm not even going to think about the age difference and activity levels. UGH!

As an aside, this guy is a young, athletic guy with an active, outdoor job. He's on the go most of the time. However, he has never met a QuickTrip hotdog smothered in that pump cheese and liquid chili he didn't love!! Junk food in quantity is his best friend. The Perfect Child, our daughter, is back into fitness and healthy eating, so her friend has decided he needs to begin a healthy eating program, too. Even tho' he's not a healthy eater, he is so active in his job that he can get away with the diet he has been enjoying. He is also a devoted Dr. Pepper drinker. Upwards of 2 liters a day!! He's cutting back on that, I've been told.

The cute thing is, that yesterday he called to tell me about his FIRST day of eating well. Like a little kid that just won the spelling bee, he was delighted with himself. I oohed and ahhhed appropriately, then listened as he told me a Buffalo Wild Wings was going in very close to where he lives!! Excitement was clearly in his voice. However, since he is one day into his devotion to good health, he has determined he is going to ride his, as of right now, nonexistent, bicycle to and from his wild wing, beer drinking evening. He's also going to try to get The Perfect Child to fall of her wallet to buy a bike as well. Heck, she can't even commit to a living room set she likes after being in her house for a couple of years, it'll take forever for her to chose a bike. (This comment will get a rise out of her....I should be hearing from her soon.)

Ya know, come tho think of it, if we stay at this contest long enough I just might be the tortoise to his hare, and do okay. :) Fingers crossed.


  1. Darn it, you know me too well! First of all, a bicycle is still on my long term shopping list. First, I have to stomach the purchase of 4 tires for my primary mode of transportation. Don't get me started on how that feels like a waste of money. My unfurnished living room is quite spacious and lovely. I'm getting used to it. Now, for a small fee I can totally sabatoge your competitor. It won't be tough. I talked him in to thinking that a philly cheese steak from Subway was ok as long as he got the 6" instead of the 12". Hee hee. He had Doritos too, and when I last checked those weren't exactly fiber-filled. Good luck to the both of you - hopefully we'll all inspire or antagonize each other to success. :)

  2. I am new to your blog! I love just for the hell-th of it! Very clever!

  3. We're all like that cute kid at the spelling bee.....
    until reality sets in and then it's like
    OMG what have I done!

  4. Where do we place our bets? My money is on the tortoise to win! (And look mah-velous doing it!)

  5. Ohh this is going to be fun to watch! My money is on the tortoise also!


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