Thursday, May 27, 2010

Miss Me???

Nah! Didn't think so.

I have been goofing off, blogging wise, but working on the rest of my plan. I've also been nosing around the other blogs, but haven't commented much, cuz I've been using my new fangled phone, and I can't figure out exactly how to leave comments on blogs while using the darned thing!! I know, and I admit that I am techno challenged. I've learned to accept that shortcoming.

I am happy to report that The Perfect Child is doing her best to secure my victory in the "Dumbest Thing I've Ever Done Challenge". She took my competitor out to dinner last night, fed him junk, and insisted he consume beer!! Yay, Kris!!!!!! AND, since I had not heard this week from my fellow competitor, I assumed I was in the lead...I was right, I am!! He finally reported in this afternoon, and his results were not what he'd hoped for, I'm sure, but I'm delighted. :) He gained .09% this week, and I lost .19%. Now, normally that wouldn't be a very exciting loss, but at least I'm hanging in there. A win is a win, right?? What is it they say about age and treachery?? I certainly have the age part covered.

I have also heard from the competition that he's begun to follow my blog, so now I must tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. (Shaded slightly in my favor, of course.) I have to admit that my exercise this week has been less than exemplary. I am two months away from being able to get my next cortisone shot, and my knee is complaining loudly!! It's all I can do to get around the golf course, so lots more than that simply is not getting done. I do get a few weights in now and then. Jason, on the other hand, is hiking up and down mountains like a mad man. Luckily, The Perfect Child is insisting on beers and "squeeze cheese" for dinner. I've been assured that even tho' this week offered up a gain, he's still on board with the challenge, so off we go to week three. I keep reminding myself of the tortoise and the hare.

This is the tortoise signing off. Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all !!!


  1. Beers and squeeze cheese is a good thing, right?
    Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you - and yours!

  2. The tortoise rocks!

    Happy weekend!

  3. P.S. Not to discourage the hare in any way, because he really does have a noble cause. I just want him to finish 0.01% behind you. :)

  4. I am enjoying the tale of your diabolical plan. I hope your knee cooperates. Any luck with water exercise?

  5. I love it! beers and squeeze chees. haa haa haa!!!

    You are one step ahead of me...I haven't figured out how to read blogs on my phone yet (there has to be an app!)....much less reply!!!


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