Thursday, May 6, 2010

Product Review

Before I get into the product review, I wanted to check in and thank everyone for the kind comments on my last post. I honestly was not "fishing" for compliments. I was only thinking out loud about posts and followers. Having never worried about either, I was surprised that so many folks are concerned about those things. Thank you all for your comments and compliments. Even tho' it wasn't a fishing expedition on my part, I feel like I landed the "big one". Thanks again, you are all too kind.

Now, on to the product review. A few weeks ago I received a 4-pack from CherryPharm asking me to review their new sweet and tart cherry juice CheriBundi. I was given 4 (8oz) bottles of the three flavors available. There is Tru Cherry, Skinny Cherry, and Whey Cherry. I sampled each, one day apart so as not to confuse my taste buds. I began with the Whey Cherry, and while I had to shake it fairly often to keep it mixed properly, I did like it. It was a little higher in calories than I would have preferred, but it also packs a protein punch. 8g of protein in one 8 oz. serving. I could also taste the whey, but it was certainly not unpleasant. It contains milk, so I don't think the vivid cherry taste was a prevalent in this bottle. Although, I must admit, it did taste a bit like a cherry pie...just as they had said it would. Next, I had the TruCherry. I really liked this very much, but again, a few more calories than I'd like. These products are made from Michigan and New York cherries (tart), and each 8 oz bottle equals 2 servings of fruit (50 cherries in each). I was totally unaware of a tart cherry juice, so finding these items was a nice change of pace from my usual pomegranate juice. Lastly, I drank the Skinny Cherry juice. It was very tasty, and I liked it quite a bit. It is sweetened with Stevia, so the calorie count was more to my liking. Even with extra calories, I really liked all of the choices, but if I was going to purchase these items, I'd be getting the Skinny Cherry.

Each bottle contains Phytonutrients, the building blocks in fruits and veggies, they provide more benefits than green tea and other juices. They all have a high ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) rating. In reading about this, it means CheriBundi will absorb and neutralize free radicals. As a personal aside, I would say these are all worth a try. They are a wonderful tasting change of pace from the grocery store juices.

I am suspending Weigh In Wednesday for an undetermined period of time. I lost .8# this last week, but I think I'm going to try the "intuitive" method for a while. Not being married to the scale, but being cognizant of what I'm putting in my mouth sounds better to me. Besides, I'm quite sure the scale has turned against me and is rebelling. So for the foreseeable future, I'm going to suspend the Wednesday Weigh In, and resort to a more "touchy-feely" approach to my healthy pursuits. I'm sure I'll hop on those mean, nasty scales once in a while, but I'm not going to record and keep track of what the scales say to me. So for now, "May the force be with me".


  1. Good luck with the touchy feely approach!!!!!!! This may be just what you need!

  2. I only drink the 100% pure cherry juice. I read your review this cherry is mixed with apple juice so how can you say it is cherry juice. YOu should state it mixed with apple juice, too.

  3. Generally, I do not respond to anonymous comments left on my blog, but since you have taken issue with my product review without leaving a web address for me to contact you, I am going to go ahead and respond here. First, I am delighted that you are such a purist, and drink only 100% juices. You are to be commended. That said, I did not review this product in order to persuade anyone to buy or use the item. I tried it, I liked it. It was that simple. That was all I was asked to do. I left web addresses so if anyone was interested in finding out more they could easily do so. I am certainly aware that you are entitled to your opinion, and I should be allowed to express mine, as well. If someone wants more information, check out the websites I provided. Anonymously chastising me is NOT the way to go, in my opinion.

  4. I'm not married to it -
    I'm divorced from the scale and just bring "the girls"
    around every couple of weeks for visitation.

    I saw a card once, it had a picture of a golf course green on it,
    and it said "May the course be with you!"

  5. i received some of this too but havne't tried it yet. Interested. Just found you and am looking fwd to following your journey!


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