Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Recap

For starters, I had a really wonderful weekend! On Sunday, I was pleasantly surprised by HD with an invitation to breakfast. Not all that unusual, but we were going to a place much further away than usual. We arrived, waited for a table for 2 to clear, and HD said we needed a table for 6. I thought our golfing compatriots would be joining us. We ordered coffee and waited. Well, imagine my delight and surprise when our son, daughter-in-law, and the two grand kids walked through the door!! The best Mothers' Day gift by far. They traveled 2 hrs. to treat me to breakfast, then came to the house for a few minutes and headed back home. They left early so I could join our golfing friends for our Sunday afternoon round of golf. What a wonderfully thoughtful and gracious thing to do!!! I enjoyed my day even more because of this fabulous beginning. Happy Mothers' Day to me.

Saturday was Farmers' Market day. It was cool, windy, and overcast, be we got up early and got moving. We made a quick run to the stands I was most interested in, and made a record haul. I got everything in the shortest time ever!! My leg was giving me problems, so I was happy to find a primo parking space close to where I wanted to shop. Upon my return, I chopped my rhubarb and got ready to make my "Not yet world famous" rhubarb ketchup. I got side tracked, and found a recipe (a friend suggested it) for chipotle-rhubarb BBQ sauce. I made a batch of that instead. It was wonderful!!! And, better yet, only 40 cal. for 1/4 c. I need some small freezer containers to do the rhubarb ketchup, so that's on tap for later today. Naturally, I had asparagus to take care of too, so that's all cleaned and ready to go as well. While I was picking out asparagus and rhubarb, HD went to the stand next door and got a cup of coffee for each of us. I allow myself a few cups of coffee on the weekend, so it was a real treat to have some "gourmet" fresh roasted coffee to warm me up.

While my weekend was wonderful, it might not have been full of my best food choices. I wasn't terrible, but I know I was indulgent on more than one occasion. A half order of biscuits and gravy for Mothers' Day was one example, but I was confident I'd work some of it off whacking around the golf ball that afternoon. Believe me, I worked hard on the golf course, and swung the club many more times than I would have liked. I'm looking at that as excess exercise to make myself feel better. :)

After uncovering my tomatoes and peppers on Sunday morning (we had freeze warnings out) I found that they looked none the worse for wear. My basil looks forlorn, but all things considered, I think I came out ok. I even saw one little blossom on my cherry tomato plant, so that gives me great hope. I may beat the neighbors to a BLT yet!


  1. Do the neighbors know that they are in a competition with you over these tomato plants??? tee hee hee

    Sounds like a great haul from the farmers market!!!

  2. Looks like an AWESOME weekend! I'm so happy you enjoyed it!

  3. What a lovely surprise!!
    Care to share the rhubarb recipes?? Please :)

  4. Great breakfast surprise, I love it.
    I love the smell of tomato's growing on the vine. Such a great smell of summer:o)


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