Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lack Luster

That's me this week. Lack of Luster, Lack of Motivation, Lack of Energy, Lack, Lack, Lack.

Weigh In Wednesday was extremely lack luster. I had anticipated at least a decent week, and was truly thinking I'd have a loss....after all, I'd had 2 days of flu-like stuff. To say Wednesday was disappointing was an understatement. I'd gained!! Not a little, a LOT. I was up 3.1#!!! How I managed that is a complete mystery to me. I have no explanation for it. I am baffled, and also a little depressed. To my credit, I did not turn to a bag of Cheetos to erase the memory of the gain. That, in and of itself, was a great victory for me.

After reading Jack's blog the other day, I began to wonder about my blog. I'd never thought about how many responses I get, or how many followers I have. Apparently, I am lacking the desire to really knock the blogosphere on it's ear. I'm just plodding along in my own little world. I assume people read my blog once in a while, cuz I do get comments now and then, and that has always been enough for me. Now I wonder, should I be more concerned with my lack of readers and comments? Nah!! I love all of the "Popular Kids" blogs, I read them religiously. I comment when I feel I have something to say. But Jack made me think about my own blog for the first time since I've started blogging. I'd say, by comparison to the "Cool Kids" I have a fairly lack luster blog. It's fun for me, and it is serving its purpose, but it certainly isn't the bee's knees. I'm actually ok with that. Is that normal? Should I be striving for more and better?

On the bright side of being Lack Luster, I don't have to moderate my responses like the real bloggers do. :)

I am in the process of reviewing a product sent to me this week. It is a tart cherry drink from called CherriBundi. Since I've had a "bug" this week, I've not had a chance to taste all three flavors, but when I do, I'll be reviewing it for all of you. I'm anxious to try them all. I think my innards are ready to experiment now. So, I'll get back to you all when I'm done with the samplings.

Lacking Luster, I'm off to peruse the Cool Kids' blogs.


  1. I think your blog is grand! You are real and honest and sharing what you are goign through. It helps me because 9 times out of 10 I'm goign through something similar and can relate. Personally, I write my blog for ME and if someone else reads it and it helps them...good for them!

    Good luck on regaining your mojo!

  2. I like your blog and frankly, I think it's because you're likeable. What can I say?

    Sounds like your scale needs to be threatened with a hammer. Have you tried it?

  3. If your blog is serving it's purpose for you and your life, that's all that matters. Don't worry about comparing yourself to others. Your blog is great!

  4. I love your blog, I love your sense of homour and I think you should schedule a trip to Boston around the 16th October;O)

    Thank you for the great tips, they are duly noted xx

  5. I agree with the ladies above. I do have some of the same feelings you do though.

    Sometimes I will read a blog like Jack's or Lyn's think boy do they get a lot of comments. Usually there isn't anything profound to add to the conversation so I rarely comment on them.

    Bottom line, do it for you! YOU are all that matters :-D

  6. I like your blog and I LOVE the name of it! Sorry your feeling lack luster.....possibly from being ill? Its hard to rebound when you are sick and especially after a gain. But you can DO IT!!!! And who said you werent one of the Cool Kids anyway?

  7. I *love* your blog and I would be bereft without it! Seriously. I don't care so much about having bunches of readers, but I do care about the readers I have--especially when they're feeling lackluster. Hope that's soon a thing of the past!

  8. I keep telling you. Throw that friggin scale away! It will lie to you everyday and worse yet, it will spoil an otherwise wonderful day.
    I'm just sayin...

  9. Hey, I think it's wonderful if you've never even considered the comments on your blog. I think there's a risk of editing what you say and also feeling rejected if there aren't comments, as if to say that your entry wasn't meaningful. So keep doing what you're doing!

  10. Your blog is one on my must read list :) I admit i write for me and don't really worry how many followers etc!

  11. Just found your blog and it sounds like I have to read it judging by the comments...will keep on it.

  12. I always check out the Cool Kid's blogs...that's why I'm here at yours!


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