Friday, April 2, 2010

Positively Giddy!

I really am positively giddy with delight!! I slept without pain, I woke up without pain, I played golf without pain, and I'm still wandering around waiting for today's tee time without pain! Ok, so my bad knee is a bit on the "wobbly" side, but with my knee brace strapped on, I'm ready to roll. I am so darned happy, I can hardly stand it.

That, coupled with the fact that I've been behaving myself food wise, has lifted my spirits enormously. I didn't realize how really down in the dumps, crappy I felt, until this fog of pain and dreary weather lifted. Yipppppeeeeeeee Damned Skipppppppeeeeee!! I'm feeling like a whole new person. Oh, yeah, I'm still a fat person, but at least now I can move around and work on remedying that situation. I think I've done well this week, so I'm now planning my Easter dinner to accommodate the calories that are acceptable. At the moment, I'm planning a Greek inspired dinner centered around a rack of lamb, and a tomato/cucumber/feta/olive/onion salad. I think I can make it all work, because we've added a round of golf to our afternoon activities. I can work off at least one or two calories that way!

I go again to the Chiropractor today for another spinal decompression, but I really don't feel as tho' I'm in need. I'm gonna go a time or two more and see what happens, but I feel so darned good I'm tempted to just get on with life. I don't suppose an extra adjustment or two is gonna hurt, so I might as well go ahead and do it. And, to be honest, the spinal decompression feels really good, and very relaxing, so it's kinda nice just lying there being "stretched". I'm only 5'4" now, but I'm almost positive I'll be around 5'6" or 5'7" when I finish this pulling compression thingy. I'm counting on it, as a matter of fact.

A happy byproduct of this new lease on life, is the new found energy I now have. I actually feel like doing "stuff". I've put things off recently cuz I've felt so lousy, so now, slowly and carefully, I'm adding things back onto my "to do list". Feels good, believe me. Even tho' I profess, proudly, to be lazy, I still like to be able to do things for myself. Now I'm feeling as tho' I can do those things, and not pay for it the next day with pain and stiffness. Hallelujah!

Everyone have a very Happy Easter Weekend. Whether you celebrate Easter, or not, enjoy the weekend!! I am certainly going to, for a change! :)


  1. WOW - Every day is a gift - even if there's a 5 minute spot of goodness. Looks like you are onto something. Golf with no pain for our dear VRaz? WOW

  2. Golf without Pain. must play a different game than I do.

    Glad to hear you are doing well. Of course the chiro in me will tell you to follow through with your scheduled adjustments. Wean yourself off if your chiro isn't willing to back off in timely fashion. Don't quit cold turkey. Trust me.

  3. That is awesome!! While i was reading this i was sitting here with the biggest smile on my face.I'm so happy for you :)

  4. Oh that is such good news, I am so pleased for you, keep on keeping on ...Hppy Easter xx

  5. Happy Easter! You sound great!! I'm so happy you are feeling so much better.

  6. Yummy Greek food... Glad you are doing so well!


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