Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dare I Brag A Day Early?

Well, I'm going to anyway. Karma be damned!!! My past week has been one of my best thus far. My mood and my food have been really good. My Greek inspired Easter dinner was simply wonderful. Ok, in keeping with my total honesty promise, I did have some strawberry shortcake for dessert (I KNOW it's not Greek!), but I did not indulge in the whipped cream everyone else heaped on top, and my strawberries were sweetened with Stevia. Plus, the shortcake was the sugar free Angel Food cake they had sitting next to the strawberries. So, I'm thinking I was not really so very far off of my caloric plan. I even accounted for my glass of wine to go with the racks of lamb.

Barring a real fall from the roof, calorie wise, today, I am anticipating another good Weigh In Wednesday. I remain hopeful.
Today I awoke with a little twinge back in my calf and my butt. It is certainly not severe, and it's not really a bother, but after several days of not having it, I'm a little disheartened. I'm hoping once I begin doing my "walk about" today I'll be getting rid of it. Tomorrow is another deep tissue massage concentrating on my butt, so that should be interesting. Never have I done anything like that before! I have to admit, I am actually a little massage phobic. I have never been a big fan on being touched by people I am not close to. I'm working through that, I guess. Growth is part of this journey, too, so guess this signals a little growth for me.

I am just so happy to finally feel positive about my journey again. I feel able to do the things that need to be done, and enjoy doing it. It's a lovely change from the previous few months. Amazing how a positive attitude, and a body that cooperates, will turn a lousy week into a successful one. I am going to do my best to continue with this positive new ME. I think I could grow to like this person very much. :)


  1. I'm glad things are moving in a positive direction for you. I'm feeling renewed about my journey, too. (Spring fever?)

    The massage sounds great. I hope it's a good experience for you.

  2. Glad you had such a great week :)

  3. Don't you love it when you get in a good groove like that? My whole week was a little off kilter last week, but I'm settling in again and it feels fine.

  4. I have a crazy, new trend.
    I DON'T eat when I get upset.
    I might go for a few days with only a few bites.
    It just won't "stay down."
    Huh- go figure!
    Glad it's going well for you!

  5. I like your groove, I'm looking for mine, have you seen it anywhere?




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