Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Moron's Pound

"Any moron can lose one pound per week", remember that proclamation? Well, today is Weigh In Wednesday and I lost .8# this week. I am calling that the "Moron's Pound. Not quite the real deal, but close enough. Given my lack of exercise (I'm told I can't count calories used in whining as exercise) I'm not totally disappointed. Not the full pound I'd hoped for, but perhaps after my haircut this morning, the other .2 will be gone.

I have to say, that the last two days have found me feeling a bit perkier. Still have a twinge or two in the hip, but overall, I'd say I'm back to where I was. Now I must re-energize my exercise program. With the arrival of Spring, I have drug out the baskets that will hold my herb garden, and the contraption that will house my upside down tomato plants. The strawberries I planted in the top of the tomato "thingy" look fairly good, and have some new growth, so I am hopeful that there will be more than the 8-10 berries I harvested last year. I am going to count my garden building as part of my exercise program. Hauling potting soil, lugging plants, etc.....that can double as doing weights, right?

I am happily compiling the list of the herbs, tomato varieties, and kinds of peppers I want to grow this year. This time of year is always exciting to me. Plus, it will only be a few short weeks before our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share deliveries will begin!! Barring no lousy weather, I'm anticipating some young, tender greens, asparagus and spring onions. We've been promised that the kohlrabi crop has been minimized this year!!! Hallelujah!! When all is in place, I'll try and post a few pictures.

One small downside to Spring around here....ALLERGIES!! Des Moines has been ranked as the 5th worst city in the country for allergies. So, at least we're really good at something. :)

I really, really love Spring! Everything begins to renew, and I'm going to renew myself and my health journey. I have all Summer to perk myself up, and get that one pound per week goal back on the right road. A "Moron's Pound" once in a while isn't going to deter me, I am hopeful it will make me work harder the following week. After all, a semi-famous old woman once said, "Any moron can lose a pound a week."


  1. What???? Flapping my jaws doesn't count as exercise???? Maybe that's why I've not reached losing the moron's pound some week!!!!! haa haa haa

  2. Spring had totally taken it's toll on me, in a positive way. I've just begun walking outside again and it feels fabulous!

    (p.s. that .2 is a nice, healthy poo, don't sweat the small stuff!)

  3. I'm a moron according the the scales today...

  4. It's still a loss - great job! And, yeah, I'd count gardening as exercise!

  5. I'm a moron from way back.
    More "on" than off...hehe

  6. Hmmm, are you using your arms for emphasis when you're whining? Stomping off in a huff? Just a couple of thoughts on how to ramp it up a bit for maximum heart rate efficiency.

    And YES, gardening of that magnitude is definitely exercise!


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