Monday, April 12, 2010

Piece by Piece, Bit by Bit

My body is giving up bits and pieces on a daily basis now. :( Oh poor me. The back and knee are in pretty darned good shape at the moment, but someone, somewhere decided that this condition was not to be tolerated. "Let's give her something else to bitch about" was the decree!! And so it was. On the fifth hole of golf, on a lovely Sunday, not a care in the world, playing well, enjoying friendly chatter, and just plain, old fashioned havin' a good time....POP! There it was a pop of some sort on the top of my right foot. Ouch! Oh poor me!!! Needless to say, I complained immediately, received an adequate amount of sympathy, but was told to suck it up and keep playing. Which, may I add, I had planned on doing anyway, but my husband and our friends thought this might be a ruse to go into the clubhouse to watch the Masters! (They have adult beverages in the clubhouse, so I'm sure they had that in mind, as well.)

Now, I am trying my damnedest to take this little glitch in stride, but I have to admit, these nagging little things that keep happening are starting to take their toll on my good nature. I admit to being crabby, so believe me, all this stuff is starting to wear thin. I don't want to start having to get up in the morning wondering what's gonna fall apart next. Getting old is really getting suckier and suckier!! However, as my friend pointed out, this new pain certainly took my mind off of my sore, bruised butt. Guess there's always a positive side if you look long enough, and hard enough. :)

This morning at the chiropractor, I mentioned my bruises, received an appropriate amount of sympathy, then made him try to fix my foot. I told him he owed me that much. :0 He did an adjustment, but thus far I'm not noticing a great deal of improvement. Gotta go get another gallon jug of BioFreeze, I think.

In spite of everything else, my food and exercise has been pretty darned good. I did sample a couple of fried artichoke hearts yesterday, but didn't go overboard. This coming Saturday will be a tailgate opportunity!!! It's the annual Spring Football Game for my beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers, so we'll all be going to the game for food, fun, frivolity and football. This is the one game each year that all of the kids and grandkids get to go to, so the tailgate is centered around kid food. It is so much fun, and this year will be particularly fun as it will be our grandson's first Husker game. He is very excited. He wants strawberries and yogurt for the tailgate. Smart kid, huh? Obviously gets that from his grandmother.


  1. If I only had a nickel for every time I have had a patient complain about their body "getting old". I quickly remind them of the alternative. It usually quiets them down in a hurry. Don't sweat it. This to shall pass.

  2. Yikes....if your foot doesn't feel better, get to a doctor! A popping noise doesn't sound good (no pun intended).

    Have fun at the whole family tail gate!


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