Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Never Brag Too Soon!!

Yep, it's Weigh In Wednesday, and yesterday I posted all about my almost perfect week. Well, Karma did kinda "nibble" at my butt. Didn't really bite me, but did put me in my place. I did lose weight, 2.4# worth, but after regaling everyone with my stellar week, I had anticipated just a trifle more. Lest this sound whiny, I am NOT complaining!! Just sayin' that I was hopeful for a smidgen more of a loss. But I know, a loss is a loss, is a loss. I'm perfectly ok with 2.4#. After all, I did at one time in the not to distant past proclaim that any moron could lose one pound per week, then proceeded to gain regularly for 3 weeks. Now, after two weeks of losses, I'm feeling like a real smarty pants.

I resolve not to let this 2 week success roll go to my head. I am feeling better, I'm watching my foods, and I'm out and about more. Even tho' cooler weather and overcast skies have returned, I am still attempting to remain in a "sunshiny" mood. Today is my deep tissue butt massage, so that is taking a little bloom of my rose, but I'm sure it's going to be beneficial. My last whole body deep tissue massage was ok, except for the excessive number of bruises I had running up and down my spine. Hubby Dearest, was quite shocked to see all of them, and was glad I don't wear revealing tops, as he was sure he'd be questioned by someone about the abuse he was inflicting on me.

Best event of the day....a visit to my eye Dr. I have been having trouble reading with my old glasses, and my distance vision has diminished. At first I was really worried about this because I thought I had just been to the eye Dr. not too long ago. Well, we've been here in DM for 3 yrs, and I've never been, and when I looked at my records, my last exam was 5 years ago. I can now understand why my vision seemed to have changed. I am anxious to get some hip and happenin' new I'll be able to see better, too. Not sure which is the bigger deal. :)

So, after 2 weeks of doing the right thing, I'm ready to stay on this path and continue my journey in a happy, healthy frame of mind. I feel as tho' I have finally turned a corner......hope I don't run into a wall!!


  1. New specs, eh?
    The better to see you with, my dear!
    In my experience with our wonderful BioFreeze, you have to keep using it, every day, or every other day. Like a maintenance dose.
    Even if you feel better.
    BioFreeze works like osmosis....
    They say it displaces the neurotransmitters that send the sensation of pain. They migrate right out of the cell...hence, no pain (perception!)
    That's why people think it doesn't work. Or it only works for a while.
    And that's the news from Lake WoBeGone....
    Glad all is well with you!

  2. That's an excellent loss! Way to stick to it!!!

  3. That is why I tell all of my patients and my wife (a fitness trainer) tells all of her clients to throw away their scales. They will either lie to you every day or they will ruin an otherwise perfect day.
    Numbers mean nothing! Don't let them dictate your mood and overall outlook.

  4. Hey, get some great happening frames! I am so psyched for you! 2.4 pounds for those of us in the over-forty set is hot stuff.

  5. I'm wondering if we should get you a helmet, just in case one of those walls jumps into your path. :) So, so, so glad you're feeling better! That nice downward scale movement is just icing on the...grilled chicken?

    Enjoy the sunshine--especially when it comes from within!

  6. What a great loss girl!!! Way to rock it! :)


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