Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Drive By Chew-ting!

It never pays to brag too early!! Last night as I was putting away the last remnants of the tailgate, I took the leftover bag of M & M's down to the freezer. On the trip I decided that one or two wouldn't kill me. Well, it was more than one or two, but not a great deal more. Just enough to satisfy my curiosity. I'm not a sweets person by nature, but for some reason an M & M nibble caught my fancy. So I had a quick drive-by "Chew-ting" on my way to the freezer. It's over now, and no one was hurt. I cannot explain why I wanted an M & M, because unlike most women, I'm not a chocolate eater. And, I don't really like desserts or sweets all that much. These little drive-bys remain a mystery to me. Luckily, they don't happen often, so I don't think I'll waste too much time worrying about them.

I was delighted this morning when I found that I could do a little dancing without the stabbing pain from earlier this month!! So, I turned up the music and had a little fun. I didn't overdo, but just knowing that I can do this without crippling myself was a wonderful surprise. Slowly, but surely, I'm getting back into the things I used to do. I'm trying to exercise caution while easing back in, so as not to overdo and end up back where I started. Patience is a virtue, I'm told. I am anxious to get back to the program, but I really am being careful. Slow and steady, right?

I got an email from my CSA farmer yesterday telling everyone that there may be a few spears of asparagus for delivery in a week or two. Just knowing that the deliveries may be starting made my day. This year he's added bok choi, and parsnips to the farm, and I am a huge fan of both, so that was something I was particularly delighted to see. I've suggested parsnips two years in a row, so finally we're going to have them!! Squeaky wheels...and all that. Pays to beg, I guess.


  1. Asper grass already. Lucky dog!

    My lettuce, snow peas, beets and onions are up and running. No where near harvest yet. Gimme a few weeks though. You'll see.

  2. Can't wait for the Asper Grass (LOL) to be in season. Artichokes too :)

  3. Love M&M's. Peanut, especially. I didn't realize until JUST NOW that I haven't had them in THREE YEARS. Now I just need to forget that there's a convenience store with bags and bags of them a half-mile away. :)

    Good for YOU for keeping the chew-ting (tee-hee) out of the homicide zone.

  4. Ahhh. The sweet memory of M and M's.
    (just kidding!)

  5. Chew-ting. ROFL!!! I am the same...not a big chocolate eater (yeah yeah yeah...and I'm a female too) but every once in a while I just get a chew-ting fit!


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