Wednesday, March 31, 2010


At long last, I woke up this morning without the horrible pain I've been experiencing in my back, my butt and my calf. It was a wonderful surprise. I also cut down on the medication I was taking, so I'm hoping this is a good sign that I'm on my way to recovery. I have slight twinges now and then, but the excruciating pain is gone. (I hope verbalizing that doesn't prove to be a problem.)

Plus, in spite of myself, I managed a successful Weigh In Wednesday! I actually lost 3# this week. And as is usually the case when I'm successful, I wonder what might have been if only I'd not been limited by the sciatica. Is that what they call "Looking a gift horse...."? At any rate, I have been very conscious of my food and the exercise I could do, so I'm more than delighted to see that it paid off this week. Feel kinda like a kid getting positive reinforcement.

Feeling perkier than the dickens has prompted me to contact my golf buddies and see if anyone is thinking of hitting the links this week. I would very much like to at least get out and try a few holes. I'm well aware that I might not be ready for all 18 holes, but a swing or two here or there, would do wonders for my melancholy mood. Temps in the 70's and maybe 80's have me chompin' at the bit to get out and about doing something out of doors. After the chiro today, I'm planning a walk. He recommends that after I have the spinal decompression, I remain active for at least an hour afterward. I think a walk in the great outdoors fits right into that recommendation.

In anticipation of the lovely day ahead of me, I have even donned my shorts and a golf shirt!! Can't tell I'm anxious, can you?

I can also feel the excess salt in my system slowly dissipating. All of that sitting around, and not being able to move freely, really allowed water buildup in my body. My feet and hands felt like little Easter hams. Fortunately, I am losing that excess water and can really tell the difference.

I'm anxious to get moving again in a normal fashion, but I'm going to go slowly and do it little by little. I am certainly not ready to have a repeat of the sciatica problems any time soon. The weather has improved, my back has improved, my mood is improving, and life in general is looking good. I'm anxious to resume my healthy journey, the way I originally intended to do it. Oh, I'm sure there will be more bumps in the road, after all I'm old, but I'm still excited to get busy and resume my "real life" again.


  1. Thanks for the comment, it helped, a lot. Glad your on the mend, but be careful trying to play golf. I wouldn't want you backing up your progress. Congrats on the loss.

  2. Feeling better and losing weight? Awesome!!

  3. Wonderful! So happy for you that you are feeling so much better and for the 3 pound loss! Have fun golfing!

  4. Fantastic!

    Easy on those links. Just don't swing for the fences and you should be okay.

  5. Yaaay! You weathered this storm like a champ! I would've been curled in the corner having the pity party of the century!

  6. Hot damn! Congrats on the 3 lbs. :)

  7. Awesome!
    I think of you every time I use BioFreeze.
    I've been thinking of you alot lately!

  8. YAY! First YAY on the no pain! Secondly, YAY on the weight loss. ANd thirdly, YAY on your plan to ease back into everything slowly and in a wise and healthy manner! You rock!


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