Friday, March 12, 2010

"Keep A Movin', Dan"

With apologies to Marty Robbins, I'm going to adopt this phrase as my own. Although my name is not Dan, the keep a movin' part is certainly directed at me. After my visit to the chiropractor yesterday, I came home feeling pretty damned perky. I had my adjustment, my BioFreeze, and my instructions....sit in straight chairs, no overstuffed chairs, no couches. If I use BioFreeze, don't use ice. If I use ice, put it on my back while lying on the floor with pillows under my knees. No heavy lifting until I return again next week, and no strenuous exercise until then as well. And, no matter what....NO HEAT!! So, ok, now all that's left is just walking around, I guess.

My afternoon went splendidly!! I wanted an miracle and it felt as tho' I'd been given one. I was feeling such relief, and yet I did not do what I normally would have done....which is overdo. I behaved myself, knowing that when I went to bed I'd be feeling better than I had in over a week. I was really looking forward to lying down without shooting pains in my butt, thigh and calf. All was well until 4:45 this morning!! I was awakened by the shooting pains I had become so accustomed to this week. Dad Gummit!!! I got up, took my Aleve, took a quick, cool shower, applied the BioFreeze to the offending area and made my way to the kitchen. It was then I decided to just "Walk it off" as we used to tell the little leaguers. After about 1/2 hr of just simply walking in circles around the house, pausing at the stairway to do a step or two, I felt things loosening up. Well, well, well, could this be the secret? No other exercise is advised just yet, so I suppose that Marty Robbins was right when he sang "Keep A Movin', Dan". So move I shall.

I would very much like to take this show on the road, i.e. an outdoor walk, but it is hazy, cooler and rainy. That, coupled with the fear that I'll get a good distance away from home and have an attack of pain. I know....BIG CHICKEN! I do hope to get outdoors soon, and have the kind of enjoyable walk that I've been waiting for. I have 3 more sessions with the chiropractor next week, so I'm hoping each one will bring more relief. I'm looking forward to Cold Laser Therapy, which I was told is really awesome. I'll let you know. While I'm there, I may decide to do acupuncture for weight loss as well. Heck, as long as I'm being poked, prodded and adjusted, and lasered, why the heck not?


  1. Wasn't there a James Bond movie where the villain tried to use Cold Laser Therapy on 007?

    Glad to hear you're doing so well...

  2. Keep up the good work. Moving really is the key here.
    Just an add on. Regardless of the Biofreeze (which I sell a boat load of), use the actual ice, especially in the evening when your bodies normal temp goes up a tad. You will benefit, I promise.

  3. Glad you're getting some relief! And I hope you'll follow through on your pledge to NOT overdo. :)

  4. I buy BioFreeze by the gallon...Good stuff, that!

  5. I like BioFreeze after a run for my hip, when it decides to flare up. Thanks for the post, all I wanted was medical records too. Oh well, I DID hunt him down. I'll live, and I'm much better now. Hope your walking helps.


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