Monday, March 15, 2010

What Is It About Mondays?

What is it, anyway? Mondays always seem to bring out the doom and gloom in me. It's a drizzly, overcast day, so I'm sure that has something to do with it. But I think it's the fact that yesterday was a wonderful, sunny, warm day that I let pass me by. I was having too much trouble with my back to walk very far. Hubby Dearest suggested we take a stroll, but I was simply not up to it. Now I'm regretting that decision. Even a slow, short walk would have been a morale booster, I'm quite certain. I've even bowed out of our MeetUp luncheon this noon. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything until my back, butt, thigh and calf feel better. I'm off to the chiropractor this afternoon, so I I'm hoping for additional relief. I also plan on purchasing a gallon or two of BioFreeze. I might also have to look into getting a portable ice maker, our refrigerators' ice makers are not keeping up with the demand.

Speaking of ice....I have a new fashion forward look. I fill my largest ice bag, strap in onto the small of my back, secure it with a wide ACE bandage (left over from my first knee surgery), and can then move about, if need be. I'm leaving my windows closed lest my neighbors get a glimpse of this new "look". It does feel good, so I guess I shouldn't care about how it might appear to others. But, me being a slave to fashion and all (NOT!!) I'm staying out of sight. :)

Aside from my maladies, my weekend was pretty good. Hubby Dearest returned from the UK bearing gifts!! Always a lovely way to return home, in my opinion. I love Duty Free shopping, so I gave him a list. He did very well, I must say. Even managed to find Tower of London, and Big Ben snow globes for our granddaughter's collection. What a guy!!! Since he had been eating the wonderful array of fish over there, he was ready for something different. So Sat. we had my Greek Chicken Salad, and on Sun., I gave in and did BBQ ribs. I behaved myself, but today I'm finding that I'm retaining water. My feet and hands seem to be a bit swollen. I imagine that part of this problem relates to my lack of movement. Then yesterday I read that one's water consumption should equal 1 oz. per 1 pound of weight!! Dear Lord!! I want to hydrate, not go swimming! A person could drown in that much water! I think I'll stick to a more sensible amount.


  1. Really, what IS IT with Monday's??

    I too had a great weekend, but the way this morning is going, I just want to go back to bed. Got alot of 'family' things going on this morning and I just want to hide. Our weekend was good but every Monday morning it seems as if something always comes up.

    Sorry to hear that your having back problems. Hopefully you can get some relief from your doctor this afternoon.
    glad to hear that your hubby made it back safely.

    I had to laugh with regard to the 'water consumption' remark. I read that once too and the thought of drinking my weight in water...well, like you said, hydration is one thing...swimming, I don't plan on doing this either. I can't even imagine how one would drink '261' ounces of water a day. (based on my own current weight) I have a hard time chugging down my 64oz a

    Take care...

  2. Ya gotta love a man who understands the importance of duty-free shopping. :)

    Sorry your body is still interfering with your busy schedule! Here's hoping this afternoon's chiro visit helps you make some progress!

    And yeah, on the water thing. That's too much water. I can't even drink half the recommended amount for me (using that formula) without feeling sloshy!

  3. I have a solution to your fashion faux pas. Place a wash cloth in a ziplock and pour in 50% mix water and rubbing alcohol. Then freeze it up. It should stay cold long enough for an application of 10 min and be cold for the next app in 20 minutes.
    BTW. I don't agree with the water. I have read 1 oz./ 1 kg of BW. That is still high IMO.

  4. The time change didn't help this Monday. As for the fashion statement, sounds pretty classy to me. LOL LOVE duty free shopping, and that much water would have me living in the bathroom.

  5. I too skipped the walk this evening and am sitting here in my walking clothes regretting it!

    We will do better tomorrow! :) Hope your back is feeling better soon!

  6. BioFreeze people unite!
    Hope it all goes well for you.
    Just cuz we're good blogging friends, I took an extra lap around the block and dedicated it to you!
    Do y'all have a Sonic up there? They sell ice, and lots of my patients buy bags of it there, because it's little pellets and is good for ice bags...or snacking /hydration is you like to eat ice.


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