Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dare I Hope?

The past two mornings have seen a great relief in my sciatica!! Dare I hope the end is near? I actually feel semi-human again, and am very hopeful that I'll be able to resume my regular schedules again. I am partially convinced that by playing Dr. on the Internet, I found that the medication I use for restless leg is also an anti-spasm, anti-seizure medication. Dr. Me thinks why not try these little jewels on this particular problem. AHA!! Since I've begun using these drugs, I've had steady improvement. I will have to be very careful because these are narcotics and could be dangerous. But for right now, they are a God Send!! I assure you, I will be careful using them, and will begin weening myself off of them VERY soon.

I've been able to monitor my foods, and even the little bit of exercise I've been able to do. The weather has turned delightful, so I'm ready to get out and walk about. I do have residual effects from the drugs (they make me slightly drowsy) so I have to pick and choose my walking times carefully. I am even giving serious consideration to a trip to the golf course for a few practice swings. That, my friends, is REAL progress. That little picture up in the corner is the golf course, and I'm anxious to go and reacquaint myself with it.

I told Hubby Dearest that the only positive that has come out of this mess has been that I've caught up on all my reading, and that now we must go to Barnes and Noble for a restocking of the shelves. Needless to say, he was delighted.

It's hard to explain how much one misses what one cannot do. I'm basically a really lazy person, so one would assume I'd be happy to lie around all day bemoaning the fact that I cannot get things done. Not so, it drives me crazy. Getting enough energy, and being pain free long enough to get just one task completed it absolutely the pits!! Bending over to fold clothes just about killed me the other day. Yesterday, I did it without incident!! That is how I am measuring my success. Baby steps, but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel.....and I can hear everyone saying "Be sure it's not an oncoming train". Fear not, I'm going slow, but marking my progress and being thankful for it.


  1. Keep it slow and steady. Easy on the meds, but you know that.
    Glad to hear you are doing better. Was beginning to wonder about you.

  2. YAY! It sounds like you are on your way back to a normal pain free life! I'm so happy for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!


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