Thursday, March 4, 2010

Off And Running

Well, figuratively, not literally. I've been laid up with sciatic nerve problems this week, so my exercise routine has been slightly amiss. "I am not a Dr., but I play one on the Internet", and have determined that my home remedy is to work on the lower back and so more core exercises. Oddly enough, my knee has been cooperating in this endeavor, so I'm really quite pleased with myself. Well, of course, except for the excruciating pain of waking up in the morning with my right leg knotted up and my butt aching!! After some minor stretching in the shower, a little Aleve, and a quick walk around the upstairs, I can negotiate the stairs to the main level. Today was the first day that going down a flight (or two) of stairs didn't just about do me in. Progress is being made.

I am happy to say that after my "weak-end", I have been back on the right track again. Wednesday's Weigh In was as I expected....a disaster. I was up 3#! Serves me right, and I knew it was gonna happen, but that still doesn't make it right. I am working to remain diligent in my food journaling and have added a Fiber notation in the margin of the chart. I had been using Nutri Mirror, but for whatever reason, I can't access my charts. So I'm doing it "Old School", I actually use and pen, a calorie counting book, and a calculator!! Takes a little extra time, but it keeps me thinking about what I'm doing.

I went grocery shopping today with my list in hand. I shopped the perimeter of the store with a close eye on my healthy options. I did "dip" into the frozen food aisle for some frozen mangoes. The fresh ones were way too hard, and I wanted some for lunch today. I took another detour thru the bread aisle for the high fiber, low calorie bread and hamburger buns I have discovered. While there, I found a new flat bagel/bread. It was similar to the Arnold's sandwich rounds, only it is a package of Everything Bagel thins. Only 110 calories!! I'm having one with a veggie burger for lunch with my chopped mango. Something new and interesting. It is not often that I actually look forward to lunch. :)


  1. Hi,
    It was good to see your comment on my blog :)...I thought I may of lost my readers after deciding to do a "once a week" Saturday post instead of a daily one.

    "I am not a Dr., but I play one on the Internet", this statement cracked me up..funny.

    I'm sorry that your having nerve problems. Ugggg..I'm sure in in alot of pain.

    I came over to take back my 3#...I'm sure that I will be also showing some sort of a gain come Saturday too(hopefully I will break even)
    If I take your 3# today back over to my side, then by next week, you should start seeing the numbers fall right? :)

    Keep in mind though...muscle weighs MORE than fat, so even with this gain you, more than likely, have lost inches. Read my exercise may make more sence, hehe

    I think I seen those new flat bagels at the commisary the other week. I also see the new "thin" whole wheat bun by Sara Lee. It looks just like a squashed hamburger bun, hehe so I'm wondering if I sit on my hamburger buns...if this will decrease the calorie intake any??
    Nah...probably not. lol

    Thanks again for stopping by my blog. Once a week posting is all I'm going to have time for right now until I can get my household and vehicle crap back in check, hehe

    Take care....look for my Saturday morning posts :)


  2. oops I didn't mean to leave a novel on your page...sry

  3. Thank you for your comment on my blog! I had a a sciatic nerve acting up last week and couldnt sleep on my right side for 6 days. And walking was a "pain" lol. I had to do tons of stretching, but am on the mend this week. Hope you feel better and the bagel thins sound yummy. Im a follower now!

  4. The knee AND the back? Ouch! My sympathies...

    Great job at the grocery store! I just got home from a fruits and veggies run myself. Spent longer in line than I did shopping. :)

  5. Doing it old school DOES keep your mind in the game, so to speak.
    Kinda like for me, taking pics of the food - it makes me very mindful of every portion!

  6. I LOVE when I come across a fun new food! We never have regular bread in the house any more, it's always the Arnold's Thins and a certain tortilla that we find at Sam's that is acceptable for my diabetic husband.


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