Monday, March 1, 2010

Weak-end Mea Culpa and Burnt Offerings

Ok, so the non-birthday, birthday weak-end for Hubby Dearest turned into a real fiasco, diet-wise.

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa. It all began responsibly enough, but soon descended into a weak-end of pure caloric debauchery. No excuses....I just did it! Saturday evening, Ed had a hankerin' for Mexican food. Ok, I can do that without too much harm to the day's caloric load....or so I thought. After a pitcher of margaritas, possibly the most caloric non-ice cream drinks known to man, I realized this might not be my finest moment. Ok, one night won't deter me, I'll soldier on tomorrow. Then, Sunday morning, we woke up to a lovely, sunny day. Since the 28th is the day we actually celebrate Ed's birthday, we decided that a cook out would be delightful. I had just cut a beautiful boneless rib roast into 8 great looking rib eye steaks...PERFECT! Hubby Dearest likes twice baked potatoes, so put that on the menu. I used only 1 large potato and divided it between the two of us, so far so good. Fresh asparagus on the grill, yummy....still doin' ok. Tossed a salad, still right on track, garlic toast on low cal hamburger buns, only 120 calories, so I'm still ok. While preparing all of this, we began the cocktail hour(s)!! I had hit the slippery slope! "Look out below!!!"

The diet powers that be did get semi-even with me, however. The Jack Daniels that I used to marinate the steak caught on fire, and my smaller steak was crispy crittered! I didn't get to eat it all, it was too dry, and too chewy. I was able to get thru about half of it before I gave up the ghost. Luckily, the birthday boy had a lovely steak done to perfection. Serves me right for using booze to marinate a steak, right? After years and years of doing steaks this way, this is the first time we made a bonfire out of a meal. Burnt offerings, indeed!!!

After having given up weekday cocktail hours for Lent, HD and I got a little carried away with our freedom on the weekend. Next weekend Ed leaves for Watford, England, so perhaps I'll behave more responsibly. The Primary Child and his family will be visiting....and delivering Girl Scout cookies, so I am preparing the self control portion of my brain in advance. Luckily, I am not a huge fan of sweets, so I am hopeful self restraint will not be an issue.


  1. Oh my - so glad you lived to tell the tale!! Who knew booze could be bad for you? Glad it was a happy birthday for hubby. Don't sweat the mass quantities - you'll get right back on track.

  2. The booze wouldn't affect me, but that Girl Scout cookie weekend would be the stuff of nightmares. :)

    Here's wishing you a better weekend ahead! (Though this one sounded kind of nice, if caloric.)

  3. It's hard to stay on good behavior all of the time. Don't fret about it - it's called living! In time you will find good substitutes for what gives you guilt on this journey. One by one you will replace out an item that can sabotage with an item that can be helpful.

  4. lmao...I laughed out loud about the JD, lol. And I had Mexican last Saturday with Dwayne (that included splitting a pitcher and a half of frozen TEXAS margaritas)


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