Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ok, Ok, I'm Going!!

First, let me thank everyone for their kind comments on my current "predicament". Today has brought a modicum of improvement with my sciatica. I'd particularly like to thank DrDave for his sage advice. The ice packs seemed to have alleviated a little of the excruciating pain. I even had a pretty good night's sleep. Thank you DrDave!! I only wish you lived in Iowa, I'd be at your office in a heartbeat!

Even tho' this morning I was much better and the whole "gettin' ready" process went much more smoothly, I made an appointment with the chiropractor for this morning. Having done that, I realized that this meant I must now shave my legs! I'd been putting it off because of the pain in my back and legs. Well, the old Lawn Boy made it thru the thicket, and I'm ready to go. I am looking forward to the relief. Just need one miracle to go, please.

Yesterday was a simply horrid day, foodwise. There is no sugar coating it, I was BAD!!! I was feeling so lousy, and hurt everywhere, so I just plain gave into almost every temptation. Some old habits die hard. Self pity is a powerful motivator, and I gave in way, way too easily. I'd like to say I didn't have the strength to refuse myself, but that was not the case. I just plain screwed up!

If not for the rain, haze and sogginess around here, I could be out walking....once my chiropractor makes me all better. The walking path is clear, but full of puddles, the lawns have appeared, but are soaking wet and matted down, but I'm hopeful that Spring will be sprung very soon. Sadly, in this neck of the woods, Spring brings the floods, and many roads in the area have already flooded over. Luckily, we can get where we need to go without any problems, but many people just a few blocks over are not so fortunate. Right now, as long as I can get to the chiropractor I'm a happy camper.


  1. I hope the nerve leaves you alone. I'm not doing so hot food-wise, either. I was also sick, and it's difficult to get back into good habits that take effort over easy habits. We'll get there.

  2. Glad to hear things are looking up.
    Now, follow through with what your chiro tells you. Or else!!!! lol


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